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The smoke Around E-Cig Science
A customer puffs on an e-cigarette at the Henley Vaporium in New York City in this December 18, 2013 file photo. REUTERS/MIKE SEGAR/FILES   (Reuters) – From Apple Pie to Bubbly Bubble Gum, Irish Car Bomb or Martian bar – from Mars!, the flavors of electronic cigarette offer something for every taste. Researchers have counted 7,764 varieties of ‘vape.’ That adds up to one of many challenges – from practical constraints to conflicts of interest – in working out how safe e-cigs are, and whether they help smokers quit. Most scientistsRead More
WHY THE BAN?: Christian Berkey, founder and CEO of Johnson Creek Enterprises, the world’s second-largest producer of e-liquid, is upset that lawmakers across the country are proposing e-cigarette bans based on “fear and ignorance.”   By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON, Wis. — Christian Berkey could almost feel his jaw hit the ground when, almost two years ago, he was speaking with a health commissioner in New York about electronic cigarettes. Berkey, founder and CEO of Johnson Creek Enterprises, the second-largest producer of e-liquid in the world, couldn’t believe theRead More
>A total ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes is being urged by an anti-smoking lobby. The Council on Smoking and Health made the call following a six-month survey by University of Hong Kong’s School of Public Health. Conducted between May and September last year, the survey interviewed 809 respondents, 248 of whom were aged 15-29 and 551 aged 30 or above. The remainder did not give their ages. The survey found that 4.4 percent of people aged 15-29 tried an e-cigarette at least once, compared with 1 percent ofRead More