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By Sally Satel – July 30, 2015 Did you read about the new review paper on medical marijuana published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association? In case you missed it, the paper gave a less-than-ringing endorsement of marijuana’s therapeutic benefits. I was surprised by the anemic media coverage. It should be of national interest given that 23 states, in addition to the District of Columbia, have legalized medical marijuana. According to the JAMA findings, many of the conditions for which medical marijuana is being officially used, fromRead More
Last month, a story surfaced on Facebook claiming that a woman died from complications of using an electronic cigarette. A woman posted a status update on June 27, claiming that her 67-year-old neighbor died from using “vapor ciggaretts” (sic) that had “coated the folliculs” (sic) of her lungs with oil. The woman said that after attending the neighbor’s funeral, she felt compelled to warn others about the dangers of ecigs. When Snopes investigated the claims, there was no factual and trustworthy source to validate the story. The Facebook user isRead More

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7 Signs You Are an Intolerable Vaper

Let’s face it you just might be one of those intolerable vapers …the etiquette of proper vaping.  BY CHRISTOPHER KOULOURIS – JULY 30, 2015   Let’s get this straight: I love vaping. Almost as soon as I heard about the vaping movement, I trashed my last few cigarettes, bought a customizable rig, and never looked back. I often write about the benefits of e-cigs, and I love talking about my new mods and flavors. Still, I simply can’t stand the growing vaping community. Don’t get me wrong; most vapers I meet areRead More
by Jimmy Hafrey – July 30th, 2015 A new study is causing growing concern that electronic cigarettes could lead to stronger nicotine addiction than regular cigarettes. In most cases, people begin using ecigs as a way to reduce the risks of smoking, but are they trading one problem for another? The alarming study was published earlier this month in the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal. After testing 17 ecig brands, the researchers found that nine contained nicotine in its most addictive form. Najat Salibu, an analytical chemistry professor from American UniversityRead More
Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center researchers at the VCU Center for the Study of Tobacco Products (CSTP) have developed the first ever, evidence-based model that can predict with up to 90 percent accuracy the amount of nicotine emitted by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). The study was published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research. The researchers, working in collaboration with investigators at the American University of Beirut, collected data about the voltage and other characteristics of various e-cigarette devices, the concentration of the liquid nicotine that could be putRead More
Businesses that sell vapor cigarettes are ready to fight Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s proposal for a new tax on their products. The governor released his special session bills today, and they included a proposed tax of 25 cents per milliliter on the liquid nicotine solution used for e-cigarettes. “It would put us out of business, no doubt in my mind,” said Keith Aldijaili of Cullman. Aldijaili said he and a partner own vapor shops in Cullman, Jasper, Arab and Bessemer and will soon open a fifth in Gardendale. He said mostRead More
By RICHARD CRAVER – July 29, 2015 There is increasing evidence that adult consumers may be tapering off their initial enthusiasm for electronic cigarettes, which could limit their potential for benefiting public health. Bonnie Herzog, a leading tobacco analyst with Wells Fargo Securities, said her second-quarter retailer survey found “moderating vapor category growth, with several consumers being disillusioned by e-cigs, switching back to combustible cigs.” E-cigs are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid nicotine solution in a disposable cartridge and create a vapor that is inhaled. Vaping devices feature reusable,Read More
Oslo, July 26: Norway has notified vendors of electronic cigarettes that all electronic cigarette advertising pictures and positive reviews of the products must be removed from websites, media reported. “E-cigarettes are a tobacco surrogate and is therefore covered by the ban on advertising,” Xinhua quoted Hilde Skyvulstad, a senior official of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, as saying. Sellers of the products fear that an advertising ban will hurt their business even though many of their products are nicotine-free and do not look like cigarettes, said local business newspaper DN.Read More
by GUY BENTLEY – PM 07/27/2015 While e-cigs eliminate a lot of the health risks associated with traditional tobacco, they are just as addictive as their tobacco packed cousins, according to a recent study. The study, released July 9 in the American Chemical Society’s journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, examines 17 commercially available electronic cigarettes and found nine of them contained the most addictive type of nicotine. Researchers looked at the impact of three different kinds nicotine used in electronic cigarettes. Najat Saliba, professor in analytical chemistry at the American University of Beirut, ledRead More
by Ed Oswald | July 28th, 2015 New FDA regulations expected to be released this summer have the American Vaping Association worried that 99 percent of all vaping products could become illegal almost instantly. As a result, only the largest companies will survive and the cost of compliance will limit vapers choice and dramatically increase prices. The biggest hit will be felt by e-juice manufacturers, though. A manufacturer will be forced to register its products within six months of the new rules taking effect, and complete a “Premarket Tobacco Application,” or PMTA,Read More