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Posted On August 28, 2015By Vapor NewsIn Health

Cumbria doctor says e-cigs could help quitting smoking

A LEADING doctor believes e-cigarettes should now be considered as a “good tool” to help people stop smoking following a ground-breaking report into the subject. Dr Geoffrey Jolliffe, GP lead for Furness, has welcomed a report commissioned by Public Health England which found that e-cigs are 20 times safer than conventional cigarettes. He believes electronic cigarettes, also know as vaporisers, could be recommended to help people quit smoking as they can save lives and also save the NHS billions of pounds in treating associated diseases. Rates of heart disease andRead More
by David Nutt and Josh Hulbert – Aug. 27, 2015 Why do e-cigarettes provoke such irrational reactions? A key question in the current debate about the growing use of e-cigarettes or ENDS [electronic nicotine delivery systems] is their safety as compared with cigarettes and other nicotine delivery systems such as snus. Because there can never be a randomised controlled trial of the different nicotine products and because of the huge health damage from cigarettes [6 million premature deaths per year world-wide] it is vital to provide the best available estimates of comparative harm toRead More
Last week Public Health England (PHE), a government agency, published a detailed report on electronic cigarettes that describes them as far less dangerous than the conventional kind and recommends them as a harm-reducing alternative. “Encouraging smokers who cannot or do not want to stop smoking to switch to EC [electronic cigarettes] could help reduce smoking-related disease, death and health inequalities,” the report says. “Smokers who have tried other methods of quitting without success could be encouraged to try EC to stop smoking, and stop smoking services should support smokers usingRead More
Despite evidence that electronic cigarettes are both safer for users than tobacco and also help smokers kick the habit, the U.S. FDA has launched a campaign against them. By  Raven Clabough – August 20, 2015 According to FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Ostroff, the FDA is looking to enact a “deeming rule” that would expand the agency’s regulation of tobacco to include e-cigarettes, which do not use tobacco. Critics contend that such an illogical decision underscores that the FDA is at the behest of lobbyists that benefit financially from tobacco and nicotine addiction.Read More
A new government report endorses vaping as a harm-reducing alternative to smoking. By Jacob Sullum – August 21, 2015 This week British Public Health Officials or more specifically Public Health England, an agency of the British Department of Health, published a 111-page report that unequivocally describes e-cigarettes as much less hazardous than the conventional kind and recommends them as a quitting aid for smokers. “Best estimates show e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes,” says PHE Chief Executive Duncan Selbie in the foreword, “and when supported by a smokingRead More
Stealing E-Cigarettes; Vape shops targeted by thieves By  Akeam Ashford – Aug 25, 2015 They’ve become a target of burglars. Wichita police say they’ve seen an increase in burglaries in stores that sell vaping products or E-Cigarettes. Investigators say there have been at least 17 break ins since January. “All the vapor shops in town, I know of, are small businesses, family run for the most part and it’s just really hard,” said Troy Schminke, who owns Element Vapes with his father. Just a few miles down the road, a surveillance camera at anotherRead More
The pack-a-day smoker can save around $1,200 per year by vaping and  vaping is 95% healthier than tobacco smoking By Ethan Wolff-Mann – Aug. 20, 2015 The CDC and various health organizations don’t want to endorse smoking or nicotine consumption in any form, so it’s understandable that they’ve emphasized first and foremost that e-cigarettes are bad for people. According to a new study published by Public Health England on Wednesday, however, vaping is actually 95% less harmful than their smouldering counterpart. The study, which was not funded by the tobacco lobby but rather theRead More
By Chris Catani – Aug 21, 2015 Public Health England, an executive agency sponsored by the Department of Health, published a report yesterday titled E-Cigarettes: An Evidence Update.  It found that vaping and e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes.   A link to the 121 page study can be found here. Key findings of the review include: The current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking Nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realize e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking There is no evidenceRead More
Vapor products are technology products, not tobacco products, and vapers oppose equating the two. BY MARK BURTON – Aug. 15, 2015 The state Legislature will introduce several bills for debate in a special session Wednesday which, again, will seek to wrongly equate vapor products – including electronic cigarettes – with tobacco, ban vaping in vape shops and allow local jurisdictions to tax tobacco. A bill seeking to equate tobacco products and vapor products was defeated in an Assembly policy committee last month. Locally, Costa Mesa concurrently is trying to restrict theRead More
By Lydia Wheeler –  August 13, 2015 Electronic cigarette manufacturers are fighting to change a provision in looming regulations for electronic cigarettes that they warn would all but wipe out 99 percent of the burgeoning industry. In it’s proposed rule to assert, for the first time, its authority over e-cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration said all products that hit stores after February of 2007 would have to apply retroactively for approval — a process that companies say would be prohibitively expensive. As much as 99 percent of the applicable products cameRead More