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How new FDA rules could kill the vaping boom

If proposed FDA rules are finalized, as expected, most vaping shops will not survive, many say. by Laurie Tarkan – SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 When Randy Freer was trying to quit smoking, he wanted to try vaping—battery-operated devices that deliver nicotine by vaporizing liquids. (Some ex-smokers find the combo of the flavors and the ability to dial down the nicotine helps them quit.) But Freer found he couldn’t keep a supply of the vaporizers he liked—they were always out of stock. So being the entrepreneurial type, he created his own e-liquids to vape. InRead More
by Michael Siegel – September 30, 2015 New data from the Florida Department of Health show that in 2015, smoking among Florida youth dropped to its lowest all-time level, with only 6.9% of high school students reporting past 30-day use of cigarettes. The sharp decline in youth smoking occurred contemporaneously with the tripling of e-cigarette use among Florida youth during the past two years. Nevertheless, health officials continue to claim that e-cigarettes are a gateway to youth smoking and that e-cigarettes are normalizing smoking. According to an article in the GainesvilleRead More
An East Lancashire e-cigarette manufacturer will formally challenge an EU directive this week which it says breaches European Union law and would put its industry at an unfair trading disadvantage. By Aban Quaynor – September 28, 2015 Blackburn-based Totally Wicked is the only to win the right to challenge Article 20 of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which will bring e-cigarettes and e-liquid within its regulatory scope as a ‘tobacco-related product’ – despite not containing tobacco. It means e-cigarettes would be subject to more stringent regulation than some tobacco products. And the company,Read More

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Saints sponsor blasts county council’s e-cig stance

An electronic cigarette manufacturer and one of Saints main sponsors has launched a stinging attack on a county council. by  Andy Moffatt –  September 29, 2015 Totally Wicked, who sponsor the Langtree Park side’s North Stand, have criticized a Lancashire County Council funded advertising campaign which they believe will result in fewer smokers making the switch to vaping and many vapers returning to smoking. “Who are these people that will be put off e-cigarettes? They are current and former smokers. Lancashire County Council is essentially saying to these smokers thatRead More

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Will e-cigs and vaping end tobacco smoking?

Vaping is less harmful than tobacco smoking, but does that make e-cigs a still-harmful alternative, or is it the step smokers need to quit for good? E-cigarettes could be the key to finally ending tobacco smoking and all its related diseases. Or are they delaying the goal of a smoke-free world? The scientific community hasn’t rolled out the red carpet just yet. We look at both sides, and talk to someone whose life has been totally transformed by vaping. Pro: E-cigs are ‘very much less harmful’ “An electronic alternative is aRead More
By Keoki Kerr – September 26, 2015 HONOLULU – A Kona realtor will likely face federal charges after a confrontation with a flight attendant Thursday after witnesses said she repeatedly used an e-cigarette on a flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu and became belligerent. “So I’m apologizing that it did happen, but it did not need to get carried to the level that it did.  I think he had a bad day and was taking it out on me with a bad attitude,” said Kristin Sharp, 34, of Kona.  She wasRead More

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Pending Federal Legislation on Tobacco Issues

Legislation includes Obama’s 94-cent-per-pack tax increase, bills on e-cig marketing, packaging, more By Thomas A. Briant, NATO Executive Director – September 23, 2015 WASHINGTON —While local and state tobacco-related legislation is reported on routinely throughout the year, bills pending in Congress that would tax or regulate cigarettes, other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes are also numerous, but generally do not receive the same level of media attention. The tobacco-related bills summarized below are pending in either the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives and have been referred to congressional committees forRead More

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Pierce County looking to implement tougher vaping laws

By Conor Christofferson – September 23, 2015 TACOMA, Wash. — Crystal Iyall likes trying out different e-cigarette juices at Just Fog in Tacoma, where she has dozens to choose from. “With cigarettes, there’s only a couple of flavors, but with vaping there’s a lot of flavors and new ones coming all the time,” she said. But if Tacoma-Pierce County Health officials have their way, in-store sampling, an integral part of the vaping experience, would be banned. “I wouldn’t like coming here and paying $15 a bottle for something I didn’t like andRead More

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Why vaping is not a gateway to smoking

Two recent studies found that young people who tried e-cigarettes were somewhat likelier to try smoked tobacco products, but future work still needs to assess whether it leads to regular smoking. By Lynn T Kozlowski – SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 As e-cigarettes become more popular, there has been a push to understand whether they are a “gateway” to regular, combustible cigarettes. Two recent studies on e-cigarettes as gateways to smoking in teens and young adults have made headlines. And opponents of e-cigarettes have welcomed any crude signal of gateway effects. As a public healthRead More

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Chicago sin tax is not about protecting kids

When you’ve got nothing else, you’ve got to make it about the children. BY Victoria Vasconcellos – September 23, 2015 Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed tax on vapor products of $1.25 per e-cigarette device, plus 25 cents per milliliter of e-liquid would raise the price of a 30-milliliter bottle by $8.75. Currently, a 30-milliliter bottle costs between $12 and $22, plus local and state sales taxes. The additional revenue generated is estimated to be a mere $1 million, barely a drop in the bucket. Just last week, Ald. Proco Joe MorenoRead More