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Randy Freer is all in on the vaping business, even if he worries that pending laws and regulations could make him go bust. By LAUREN A. WILLIAMS – September 14, 2015 Freer’s construction career dried up during the housing crisis, and he became an entrepreneur. In spring 2013 he launched P.O.E.T., a boutique Seal Beach-based manufacturer of e-liquid, or “juice” as it’s called – the stuff loaded into vaping devices to create an inhalable vapor that simulates cigarette smoke. Freer sees himself as an artisan. Creating new flavors of vaping liquid,Read More
The North Dakota Attorney General’s office has ruled a state anti-tobacco agency’s fight against vaping is legal, but a state lawmaker says he plans to change that. By Rob Port – September 10, 2015 “Money from the tobacco settlement is being spent by the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy to discourage the use of e-cigarettes in the form of literature, verbal communication, and advertising,” Rep. Mike Schatz wrote in a July 31 letter to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem requesting a legal opinion. “I am concerned this activity constitutes the useRead More
There is a controversy brewing in the e-cigarette world that centers around the seemingly innocuous topic of buttery flavored e-liquids. BY KALEIGH ROGERS – September 10, 2015 While the average person may have never even heard of diacetyl, it’s been on the lips—literally and figuratively—of vapers for the last seven years, and it’s landed at least one high-end e-liquid company in some hot water. “Everyone knew about diacetyl,” Russ Wishtart, host of the vaping podcast Click Bang!who has done a number of episodes on the topic, told me. Diacetyl (DA) is aRead More
By Sally Satel – September 9, 2015 This article was co-written with Brad Rodu. Dr. Rodu is a professor of medicine and holds an endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction research at the University of Louisville. Heroin is back. Its use has doubled over the last decade and overdose deaths almost quadrupled between 2002 and 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The response has been robust. The White House held asummit on opioid abuse and Congress has convened a number of hearings and produced some bills. Health professionals are calling forRead More
By Jimmy Hafrey – September 5th, 2015 When Milwaukee-based ecig company, Durasmoke, received two calls complaining about exploding ecigarettes, they were instantly suspicious. Employees said they had never had a single incident or complaint until recently and then they suddenly had two complaints coming from within the same small city. After the District Attorney investigated the calls, she found that one woman made up the whole story in hopes of making some quick cash. Breanne Court originally contacted Durasmoke to complain that her ecig battery exploded and burned the carpet inRead More
A Chicago alderman is proposing a new tax on e-cigs and says the mayor is on board, and views it as a way to raise revenue and help balance the city budget. By Ted Cox – September 10, 2015 Ald. Joe Moreno (1st) held a news conference Thursday to propose a $1.25 tax on each container of fluid for e-cigarettes, which he said would raise $1 million a year. “I can say confidently the mayor’s behind this,” Moreno said. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has sought ideas to help balance the budget aheadRead More
By Shannon Ballard  – September 8, 2015   WASILLA – A new tax on vapor products is not going over well with some small business owners. The Mat-Su Borough recently decided to tax e-cigarette products at 55 percent. At Fatboy Vapors in Wasilla, manager Acey Priest sells the battery-powered nicotine delivery systems. She also says vaping changed her life. “I was a smoker for 25 years. I tried several things. Nothing worked. Nothing lasted,” Priest said. ”I picked up vaping and I haven’t touched a cigarette since.” Many others share a similar testimony,Read More

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How The FDA Is Helping Big Tobacco

Since the FDA proposed regulations for e-cigarette products last year, the entire vapor industry has been holding its breath. By JAN VERLEUR – September 9, 2015 If the rules go into effect as proposed, e-cigarette makers will have to submit applications for all products, even those on the market for the past eight years. The rules would require a multimillion dollar expenditure that would essentially put small, independent e-cigarette manufacturers – not to mention countless sellers across the country – out of business. Who would benefit from such an outcome? MostRead More

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Health groups fume over delayed e-cigarette rules

 By ROBERT KING – August 6, 2015 The Obama administration has failed to finalize federal regulations for e-cigarettes nearly a year and a half after a proposed rule was issued, which has public health advocates clamoring for a decision to quickly rein in the growing industry. “Right now we have a wild west market of products with e-cigarettes,” said Vince Willmore, spokesman for the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. The group was part of 31 organizations that wrote to President Obama in April calling for the regulations to be finalized.Read More

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New study proves there is no second-hand vaping

e-cigarette aerosol contains less volatile compounds than normal exhaled breath By Dr Farsalinos – September 7, 2015 A new study was published today in Journal of Chromatography A. The study was performed by the Spanish Council of Scientific Research. They measured the levels of several volatile organic compounds (VOC, they measured 156 compounds) in indoor air, normal exhaled breath, smoke of tobacco cigarettes, exhaled breath of smokers after taking cigarette puffs, e-cigarette aerosol and exhaled breath of vapers after taking e-cigarette puffs. First, let me clarify that VOCs are aRead More