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You know the old adage: it ain’t over til the light-up “VAPE” sign is sold on Craigslist. Well, that means it’s really over for D.C. Vape Joint, the first e-cigarette store in the District. By Rachel Kurzius – November 05, 2015 Co-owner Erik Miller says the new 67 percent tax on e-cig products forced his hand. “We ran the numbers and it just didn’t make sense” to stay open, he says. “We would have had to invest in other products. It’s not like we were making a ton of money.Read More
Sean Partridge, the owner of Crescent City Vape on Magazine Street — and my boss at the store — was at the Thursday night Saints-Falcons game when halftime rolled around and he felt like having a vape. Since the New Orleans City Council passed the indoor smoking and vaping ban that took effect on April 22, Saints fans who want to vape must step outside into the designated smoking area that hugs the Super Dome. By Brendan Frost – November 03, 2015 “You’re not allowed to leave the stadium andRead More
The same survey finds that never-smokers rarely become regular vapers. By Jacob Sullum – November 02, 2015 People who welcome e-cigarettes as an alternative to the conventional kind hope they will help smokers quit, thereby dramatically reducing the health risks they face. People who fear e-cigarettes worry that vaping will encourage smoking among people who otherwise never would have tried tobacco by getting them hooked on nicotine. New survey data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide evidence that top officials at that agency are wrong toRead More
QUINCY — Justin Tenney and Danny DeSantis stood with their backs to each other as if they were in an old-fashioned duel. By Steve Annear – November 02, 2015 After pressing the tips of their modified electronic cigarettes to their mouths, they lowered their bodies to a crouch, a tactic they believed would give them the greatest lung capacity. As the evening’s moderator counted to five, the two finalists rose to a standing position before pushing out swirling clouds of sweet-smelling vapor shaped like horizontal tornadoes. The panel of threeRead More