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Professor Linda Bauld unpicks recent headlines around a study looking at the impact of e-cigarette vapour on human cells, and finds little support for the claim that they’re as harmful as smoking By Linda Bauld – December 31, 2015 Just under a year ago, I wrote a response to an article by a journalist who claimed there was no evidence that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Since then, many new studies have been published, including a Cochrane review showing their promise for aiding smoking cessation, and a comprehensive reviewRead More
Media outlets are seizing on a new study published in the journal “Oral Oncology” that claims two e-cigarette products “damaged cells in ways that could lead to cancer.” By Guy Bentley – December 29, 2015 Cue a series of headlines screaming “E-cigarettes can cause cancer” and “E-cigarettes are not safe! They can cause cancer too.” As with so much research surrounding e-cigarettes and vaping, the journalists writing these articles have barely looked beyond the first paragraph of the press release and are selectively leaving out key factors that call intoRead More
The Attorney General of Iowa, who has monitored the tobacco industry for almost 20 years, has added his voice to a growing chorus saying that electronic cigarettes are significantly less harmful to smokers than traditional cigarettes. By Richard Craver – December 28, 2015 In a statement last week, Tom Miller also questioned the quit-or-die approach of several public-health advocacy groups that are pushing for severe limitations on, if not banning, e-cigs and vaporizers. The typical e-cig, or cigalike, is a battery-powered device that heats a liquid nicotine solution in aRead More
A study making headlines across the world claiming two e-cigarette products “damaged cells in ways that could lead to cancer,” is under fire from a leading public health expert. By Guy Bentley – December 29, 2015 Conducted by a research team at the University of California, San Diego, the study investigated how e-cigarettes may contribute to the development and progression of a cancer known as head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. The research team “created an extract from the vapor of two popular brands of e-cigarettes and used it toRead More

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Chicago Launches Anti-Vaping Campaign

Aims to provide “scientifically proven health information on the risks of using e-cigarettes” By CSP Daily News – December 28, 2015 CHICAGO — The Chicago Department of Public Health has launched a new public-education and social-media campaign dedicated to informing youth and families of “the truth about the dangers of e-cigarettes.” The Vaping Campaign premiered citywide this month over social media with the hashtag #VapingTruth (see example below) and a series of digital and outdoor advertisements scheduled to debut on Dec. 28. The goal of the campaign is “to provideRead More
…but scientist and journalists ignore the inconvenient truth, and say something completely different By Fergus Mason – December 29, 2015 A new study into the health effects of electronic cigarettes was released yesterday, and has already made headlines all over the world. Conducted by Dr. Jessica Wang-Rodriguez from the University of California, San Diego, the study looked at the effects of exposing human cells to e-cigarette liquid; it found that the liquid, especially if it contained nicotine, killed some of the cells and caused changes in others. Wang-Rodriguez says thisRead More
A popular New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking. Millions of Americans have quit smoking with an e-cigarette despite a desperate onslaught of organizations and government campaigns trying to convince you otherwise. By Kevin Crowley – December 25, 2015 Journalists copy and paste the same information in their reports with little or no research. Use of e-cigarettes has overtaken the world, and users who have reduced or stopped smoking with e-cigarettes have started a revolution. Is it your goal to quit smoking? Will it be your new year’s resolution? Have youRead More
Cigarettes are one of the most dangerous and lethal products in the world, causing more deaths each year than HIV, illegal drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle and firearm accidents combined. Although they won’t kill you quickly, smoking affects almost every organ in the body and leads to a host of deadly diseases. By Jeremy Salter – December 28, 2015 To top it off, nicotine and other toxic chemicals found in cigarettes are highly addictive, making it extremely difficult for smokers to quit. In the past there weren’t many options to help smokersRead More
Experts are concerned that e-cigs are gateway for teens to smoke tobacco Under new EU directive e-cigs will have to carry a health warning on them New rules, in May, could also see cigarettes only sold in packets of 20 Around 2.6 million adults in UK have used e-cigs in the past decade By Ben Spencer – December 23, 2015 A quarter of e-cigarettes are set to be banned in Britain next year after Europe’s highest court paved the way for tough new regulations. Juliane Kokott, advocate general to theRead More

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Don’t stop smoking now! Chicago Public Health continues its lies on E-Cigs By Kevin Crowley – December 24, 2015 The Chicago Department Of Public Health released a “campaign” called “Vaping.” I highly suggest Chicago reassess their effort quickly before they cost lives. Imagine my surprise when I saw this. Finally, a big city like Chicago is – wait a minute! No, they’re plastering Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #VapingTruth. This is very similar to the #Curbit campaign out of sunny California some time ago. I read down the lineRead More