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Students can be seen smoking cigarettes throughout Rutgers campuses, but some Rutgers University Student Assembly members are attempting to change this. By Noa Halff – February 25th, 2016 Zachary Borden, a Rutgers—Camden College of Arts and Sciences graduate school senator and a co-chair for the Student Affairs Committee at the Rutgers University Student Assembly, has been working to create a smoke-free campus at Rutgers. His goal is to accomplish the charge given to him by the executive committee, to “examine the desirability, feasibility, impact and means of evolving into a smoke-free Rutgers,” heRead More
Mid-South teachers are tackling new contraband at school: e-cigarettes. By Jerica Phillips – February 24th, 2016 E-cigs are growing more popular by the minute. Early research said e-cigs are safer than traditional cigarettes; however, the research is young. “[E-cigs] are often advertised as safe constituents, but that’s not including what happens when you heat them because they chemically change. We are very concerned that kids who use e-cigarettes will move on to standard tobacco products over time. It’s a new way in,”  smoking cessation expert Dr. Thomas Payne said. Vaping is evenRead More

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Homeless Man Charged With Vape Lounge Fire

URBANA — A homeless man already in jail on other charges has been charged with setting a fire at a business in Champaign last fall. By Mary Schenk – February 23rd, 2015 Drew J. Knight, 22, was charged Tuesday in Champaign County Circuit Court with a single count of arson for allegedly setting the fire that heavily damaged Steam Industries Vape Lounge at 304 S. Neil St., on Nov. 14. The fire also caused heavy smoke damage at the adjoining Tumble Inn bar. Champaign firefighters responded to the building justRead More

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Revisit Your Resolution: Quitting Smoking

Revisit Your Resolution: If your goal for 2016 is to quit smoking, you know it’s a habit that may be easy to start, but extremely challenging to break. By Ashley Smith – February 25th, 2016 We’ve all heard about the impact smoking can have on your health and hygiene; stains on your teeth, high risk of gum disease, decline of lung function and a proven link to cancer. However, even with all of that in mind, you may have tried to quit several times in the past, only to pickRead More
The next time you send a tweet about electronic cigarettes, you might unwittingly be taking part in a clinical study examining what Americans are saying online about vaping. By Aleszu Bajak – February 24th, 2016 Researchers at New York University’s School of Medicine recently analyzed 28 million tweets containing hashtags like #vape, #ecigs and #ejuice to build a monitoring tool that tracks who is commenting about e-cigarettes and what they’re saying. By identifying the language associated with e-cigs on Twitter, the researchers hope to better understand who is using them to quit smoking, whoRead More
Claims that e-cigarette aerosols contain dangerous concentrations of formaldehyde are still made often… By Shawn C. Avery – February 23rd, 2016 Despite the fact that this information is based on a study that many in the scientific community would like to see retracted due to poor methodology, unrealistic conditions, and the misinformation that has been passed on to the general public in its name. The questionable study used CE4 top-wicking clearomizers at voltages far exceeding the manufacturers maximum recommendation, and managed to produce some “formaldehyde-releasing agents” in the aerosol produced by them—and vapers haveRead More
Local business owners loudly opposed raising the legal age for purchasing tobacco and “nicotine delivery products,” or e-cigarettes, from 18 to 21. By Lannan M. O’Brien – February 23rd, 2016 The Falmouth Board of Health, which proposed the change to the town’s regulations, held a public hearing Monday night, February 22. Addressing a packed audience before the board at the hearing, chairman Jared V. Goldstone offered background information on the proposal. During adolescence, he said, the brain is especially sensitive to the effects of drugs—including nicotine—due to enhanced neuroplasticity, orRead More
A RAPIDLY expanding manufacturer of e-cigarettes has warned extra testing of products demanded by EU regulations could force some of the smaller players in the industry out of business. By – February 23rd, 2016 David Extance, managing director of E-Quits Limited, based in Romsey, said that EU rulings could demand that all “vaping” products, new and existing, undergo new safety tests under Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). E-Quits Limited have in their brand portfolio, Lonjas UK, Vaping Warehouse, Phil The Greek, Patti Bakers Pastry, The Olde SweetshopRead More
A Utah Statehouse representative is under fire for claiming e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as regular cigarettes and that vapers face the same debilitating cancers as smokers. By Guy Bently – February 19th, 2016 A long-standing opponent of e-cigarettes, Republican Rep. Paul Ray of Clearfield,  is advocating an 86 percent tax increase on e-cigarettes, in the hope of deterring young people from vaping. He does give credit to smokers who have switched to vaping and assures them e-cigarettes will still be cheaper than regular smokes. H said he sees no contradiction betweenRead More
It was bound to come down to a judge’s ruling eventually, but we didn’t know it would happen this soon. By Jimmy Hafrey – February 21st, 2016 In New York, a judge just ruled that vaping is not smoking and the two words cannot be used interchangeably. New York currently bans smoking in most public areas, but according to the judge that doesn’t mean vaping is automatically banned as well. After a vaper was cited for using his device on a subway platform, he challenged the issue in court. InRead More