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Leonardo DiCaprio’s SAG Awards Date Is His Vape Pen, and We’ve Never Seen Him More in Love

At past awards shows, Leonardo DiCaprio has been known to bring, say, his mom as his date.

By Seija Rankin – January 30, 2016

The two are the cutest couple ever, with the adorable Irmelin constantly glowing at his side, overcome with joy at what an amazing young man she produced.

But not tonight. Tonight at the SAG Awards, he brought his real best friend. His faithful soldier, his right-hand man, his chum that supports him through thick and thin.

His vape pen.

Yes, we mean his e-cigarette. Leo loves his vape pen, and he isn’t going to let “society” or “laws” stand in the way of their eternal bond.

Above, you’ll see the happy couple in a warm embrace, DiCaprio’s mouth stands open just so, poised for a hit of that sweet, sweet vapor. Sure, he’s sitting next to the legendary Alejandro Iñárritu, but who cares? There’s no time for intellectual talk about making arthouse films, because Leo only has eyes for Vapey. Iñárritu may as well be chopped liver. (Bison liver, amirite?).

Are you so moved by this love that you’d like to see it in close-up form? Then feast your eyes below. Here we see his BFF in all its glory, with its sleek black form and it’s “mysterious” oil. They are a perfect pair indeed.

Love wins tonight.



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