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Teenagers who use e-cigarettes are more likely to take up smoking a year later, research suggests. By Huntsville Tech Time – March 31st, 2016 Never-smokers who tried e-cigarettes were almost three times as likely to smoke cigarettes a year later compared with those who had never had an e-cigarette. E-Cigarette Usage Statistics among Students are scary Some 20 percent of those who used e-cigarettes had smoked real cigarettes by the time of the second survey a year later, compared with just six percent of those who had never used them.Read More
According to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the vast majority of searches pertained to e-cigarette shopping, while few related to cessation or vaping health. By EurekAleart! – March 31st, 2016 Ann Arbor, MI, March 31, 2016 – Electronic cigarettes have significantly increased in popularity over the past decade, leaving the public health community to play catch up in terms of trying to understand the motivations and habits of e-cigarette users. A study of Google search trends led by researchers from the University of North CarolinaRead More
Certain members of the Vermont Legislature have quietly drafted bill H.879 that imposes a 92 percent tax on all vapor and e-cig products. By Edward Dublois – March 29th, 2016 This includes all vaporizers, e-juices, accessories, E-cigarettes, hookahs etc. The bill does not discriminate between nicotine, reduced nicotine or no nicotine products; rather it is an all-encompassing tax across the entire vape and e-cig segment of the industry. This bill, if passed, will cause the sale price of these items to double overnight, resulting in a devastating effect on theRead More
Orange County vaping industry executives met at the state Capitol on Tuesday to urge Gov. Jerry Brown to veto legislation that would classify electronic cigarettes as tobacco and raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. By Courtney Perkes – March 29th, 2016 But Brown can’t make a decision yet because the bills haven’t reached his desk, despite their passage March 10. Lawmakers have dismissed suggestions that the delay may be a strategic move to fend off tobacco companies who have threatened to launch a ballot initiative to reverseRead More

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E-Cigarette Use Is On The Rise

But do we yet know how safe they really are? By – March 29th, 2016 In the beginning of 2016, it was announced that the NHS had plans to offer e-cigarettes on prescription, for those looking to quit smoking permanently. The announcement caused some controversy amongst medical practitioners and governing bodies, with the for and against arguments coming to the fore front. With such little scientific evidence and research around the long term health effects of using e-cigs, some were unhappy with the NHS for publicly backing their use.Read More
Using e-cigarettes could be banned in communal areas of Epping Forest council housing under new plans. By Joseph Flaig – March 29th, 2016 People will also be forbidden from charging the devices from council-owned computers, as part of an Epping Forest District Council crackdown on ‘vaping’. The proposals come as part of a new Smoking and Vaping Policy, which will be debated next week. Other changes in the policy include banning vaping from all council workplaces and vehicles being used for council business – even privately owned ones – andRead More
Like most professional pundits, Margaret Cuomo has perfected the art of speaking authoritatively even when she does not know what she is talking about. By Jacob Sullum – March 28th, 2016 Unlike most professional pundits, Cuomo is in a position to cause real damage. As a celebrity doctor spreading misinformation about the hazards of vaping, she is actively discouraging smokers from making a switch that could save their lives, thereby undermining her avowed goal of A World Without Cancer. That’s the title of a book that Cuomo, a radiologist who is the sister ofRead More
Heather Nelson is well-versed in the arguments over electronic cigarettes. By John Hageman – March 28th, 2016 Armed with a stack of printed news clippings behind the glass counter at her Grand Forks shop, SnG Vapor, she’s adamant that the products her business sells helps smokers quit traditional cigarettes. But Nelson worries that a proposed tax in North Dakota will harm her business and present an obstacle for those looking to stop smoking. “I don’t think it’s fair to boost the tax on something that’s actually helping them,” she said.Read More
In the Golden State, home to healthy living, progressive politics and one of the lowest smoking rates in the nation- By Nicholas Kusnetz – March 25th, 2016 cigarettes can seem like a relic of the past, barred long ago from restaurants, bars and even some city parks. And yet within the walls of California’s high-domed capitol, tobacco companies continue to wield surprising power. After a recent loss on a slate of tobacco-control bills headed to the governor’s desk, they are gearing up for a bigger test looming at the ballotRead More
Tom Cole doesn’t vape. The 66-year-old Republican representative from Oklahoma prefers cigars, yet he’s currently a bit of an unlikely champion in the vaping industry. By Kaleigh Rogers – March 25th, 2016 That’s thanks to a bill he has been trying to shepherd through Congress that would protect vaping manufacturers from a potentially fatal blow in pending regulations. “To me, it just seems unfair,” Cole told me over the phone. “It seems to me like we’re regulating out of fear instead of out of knowledge.” For the last five years,Read More