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AUSTIN (KXAN) — A study conducted by the University of Texas shows the gaps in restrictions on e-cigarette marketing and how it is impacting the country’s youths. By Claire Ricke – May 26th, 2016 The co-authors of the study, Dale Mantey and Dr. Maria Cooper, joined us in the KXAN studio to break-down their results. The study looks at the connections between marketing exposure and user susceptibility, especially in minors. Researchers examined four different areas of e-cigarette marketing exposure; retail settings, TV, Internet, and social media. E-cigarette marketing spans multiple retailRead More
Use of electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices stalls in the United States as more Americans question their safety, according to a new online Reuters/Ipsos poll. By Reuters – May 24th, 2016 About 10 percent of the 9,766 adults surveyed between April 19 and May 16 use the devices, the same percentage as in a similar Reuters/Ipsos poll in May, 2015. This year, however, a growing percentage of participants expressed negative attitudes toward e-cigarettes. Forty-seven percent of respondents said vaping was not healthier than smoking conventional cigarettes compared with 38Read More
As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) releases crippling regulations for the e-cigarette industry, Holistic-Vape emerges from the vapor unaffected and poised for growth offering investors a significant investment opportunity. By PR Newswire – May 25th, 2016 In the midst of on-going social debate about the safety of e-cigarettes, Holistic-Vape, a cutting edge company, announced its plans to introduce its newest vapor formula. Aptly named, NoNic is the company’s latest breakthrough formula, which contains no tobacco products of any kind. NoNic is made from pure herbs and plants extracted andRead More
ON FRIDAY last I found myself in an ATM queue- By Leona O’Neill – May 24th, 2016 behind one of those women who spend 10 minutes putting in three different cards, lodging and taking out money, printing out receipts and then withdrawing more money. It gave me plenty of time to look around. Beside us sitting on a wall there were a group of young male teenagers smoking. Looking at them all, in a line in their school uniforms, individual smoke rising into the air in a volume terraced houseRead More
Without a state law regulating electronic cigarettes, Lincolnshire recently joined the growing list of municipalities with ordinances that have put restrictions on the growing industry. By Ronnie Yachter – May 23rd, 2016 According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, “e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that turn liquid nicotine into an inhalable vapor. They lack the chemicals and tars of burning tobacco, but the cigarettes have not been extensively studied, and there’s no scientific consensus on the risks or advantages of ‘vaping.’ More than 15 percent of high school students report using e-cigarettes, upRead More
Nearly one in 10 high school students and a small but growing number of younger people in Hong Kong have smoked an electronic cigarette. By – May 23rd, 2016 The figures from a recent survey show that e-cigarettes, which sell for HK$20 (US$2.58) apiece, are becoming popular among students, Apple Daily reports, citing Hong Kong Vape Association (HKVA) committee member Chan Man-fai. The survey was conducted by the Food and Health Bureau on 16,000 primary four to six students and 41,000 of their secondary one to six peers. The e-cigarettes are boughtRead More
The thick vapor clouds that wafted over the steps of the State House one day last week were just a signal of the latest battle over anti-smoking legislation that smoldered inside. By John C. Ensslin – May 22nd, 2016 The clouds were generated by a group of several dozen vaping enthusiasts who were making the claim that their habit had enabled them to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes while still getting a nicotine hit. Inside the hearing room, however, members of the Senate health committee — at the urging of publicRead More
A matte black box landed on my desk this week, holding inside it a glimpse of the future of vaping in the US. By Kaleigh Rogers – May 20th, 2016 I don’t think most vapers will like what was inside. Image: Derek Mead/Motherboard Every since the Food and Drug Administration released its final regulations on vaping products earlier this month, there’s been much hand-wringing over how these new rules would shape the future of the industry. As soon as I flipped the lid to reveal a black, form-fitted foam kitRead More
How many businesses will shut down as a result of the FDA’s new regulations on electronic cigarettes? By Raquel Rutledge – May 19th, 2016 U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) is asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration whether the agency considered that question when it devised rules requiring FDA review of e-cigarettes and other products derived from tobacco. “I write to request your assistance in understanding the consequences that this new regulation may have on small businesses and the public’s health,” Johnson wrote this week in a letter to FDARead More
From tomorrow, new legislation will significantly clamp down on and choke off e-cigarettes throughout the European Union. By Francesca Washtell – May 19th, 2016 Here’s everything you need to know about what will change, where the laws have come from and where you can still vape. What will change tomorrow? The maximum capacity of nicotine in an e-cigarette will now be 20mg, down from the current maximum of 24mg. Flavours will also be banned under the new laws, though the industry has yet to be told which specific flavours willRead More