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Budget Tips & Tricks Every Vaper Should Know

The convenience of buying a pack of cigarettes can burden your wallet in comparison to using an electronic vape battery device with vape juice.

By PRNewswire | July 25th, 2016

Most of us have been told switching from tobacco to vape, that we would save money. It’s possible but most of us have discovered that we spend more money on the latest vape brands than we ever did smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  You’ve noticed your credit card has taken a massive spending on eJuice because of the high priced premium brands on the market and we are not ok with that. But we still use the tactics on this list to save as much money as possible.

Anyone can search online for deals on vape gear and vape juice. Even with Online Shopping, Internet Vape Search can be a daunting task, so stop the financial bleeding and keep a few extra dollars in your pockets. We have listed these money-saving tips below,  If your goal is to spend less money vaping, here are our tips and tricks for stretching every last vape dollar.

Loyalty and referral programs

Some online vape stores offer incentive programs to gain new customers. In exchange for referring them a new customer, they give you store credit to use. This is a great reason for pressuring your tobacco smoking friends into making the switch while putting some green back in your pocket.

Communicate with online vape suppliers through online forums

If you really like a certain eJuice brand let them know about it, vape brands love testimonials and reviews written on their websites. . Write them an amazing testimonial review about their products and your shopping experience, in the same email ask them if they have any coupon promo codes, you may also contact them by phone, if they aren’t too busy they will definitely inform you of any current promotions, they may even send you some free samples.

Online giveaways most commonly found on Instagram and Facebook

Contests and giveaways have been very popular on Instagram and Facebook and a great way to get free eJuice. Many vape juice vendors or vaping websites will give away gift certificates and new products.

The easiest way to hear about sales is from a vendors e-mail list or social media feed. However, if you have any favorite brands then make sure to follow them on social media and join their email lists. Some online vape gear vendors even offer instant coupons by simply liking their social media fan page.

Vape auctions and low priced vaping gear and E-Juice

One vape supplier launched new free to bid vape auctions, has free to bid vape auctions and it’s a great new way to save money on premium brands like Beard Vape Co, Cuttwood, Dripstix, 2Cousins, I Love Taffy, I Love Cookies, Loaded Glazed Donuts, Mamasan, French Dude eJuice, Pancake Man eJuice and Swagg Sauce will be listed as a vape auction soon, it’s fun to play and participate, competing with other vapers online and try to win a bottle or two of vape juice at an incredible discount.

Simply keeping track of your budget

Just like anything else you spend money on, it’s important to keep track of your vape habit expenses. It will force you to think about every purchase when going to a vape shop.  The hard part is sticking to your new budget.

Buy from Swagg Sauce for cheap e-juice

There aren’t many vape brands that offer premium vape juice brands and new vape mod product offers for a great deal.

There are very few online stores that you can buy premium vape juice on the cheap, Swagg Sauce is a one of the popular brands throughout Arizona and online, or buy online from

Stay informed through social media, email lists and if you really want to get almost free deals; visit the brands at vape trade shows like Champs Trade Shows and Electronic Cigarette Convention (ECC).  There is always a vape trade show every month in every large city, vape trade shows are often organized with the train of thought of giving away products.


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