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Safety Warning After E-Cig Fire

Fire fighters in Sussex are urging people to purchase e-cigarettes from reputable retailers after a woman in Arundel had a lucky escape when her e-cigarette exploded. | July 12th, 2016 Firefighters were called to the flat on Green Lane Close in Arundel at 12.40am on Sunday (July 10) after the occupier was woken by her smoke detector and called 999. The fire is believed to have started when the e-cigarette, which had been purchased from a market stall without instructions or packaging, was left charging overnight. The device subsequentlyRead More
South Africans are vaping up a storm. Katharine Child | July 13th, 2016 E-cigarette franchises, between 60 and 70 in the country, are reporting exponential growth in the local market as traditional cigarette smokers use the devices to quit tobacco based cigarettes. One of the biggest local brands, Twisp, reports that it grew 4,000% between 2012 and 2016. The owner of four e-cigarette stores in Gauteng, Sharri Van Zyl, said she believes the local growth in the habit is because South African smokers are discovering what she did in 2012:Read More
NORTH ADAMS — Barring another last-minute intervention, the city should soon have a new store for vaping supplies. Adam Shanks | July 12th, 2016 After being chased from a Holden Street storefront by concerned residents just weeks ago, Uniq Vape operator Syed Jamal plans to open a store for nicotine-based vaporizing products at 420 Curran Memorial Highway. Vaping is often seen as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and involves inhaling a usually nicotine-based vapor through devices such as vape pens, electronic cigarettes, mods or tanks. Jamal had planned toRead More
California lawmakers are considering a proposal that would ban tobacco and e-cigarette use at government parks and beaches throughout the state. Leo Pusateri | July 11th, 2016 Senate Bill 1333 is under consideration by the California State Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife. SB 1333’s sponsor, state Sen. Marty Block (D-San Diego), told media he offered the bill to protect the state’s forests from wildfires. Under the bill, people caught using tobacco or e-cigarettes in government parks or beaches would be fined up to $250. Banning ‘Minority Lifestyle Choices’Read More
Legal challenges are mounting against the Food and Drug Administration’s move to regulate cigars and e-cigarettes, which for the first time would be treated just like traditional tobacco products under new rules. Lydia Wheeler | July 7th, 2017 As many as five lawsuits have been filed against the agency over the rules finalized in May, which require any product that hit store shelves after February 2007 to go through a costly approval process. The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition and nine other groups filed a complaint at the end of June againstRead More
Croasis is a first-of-its-kind hookah that incorporates all of the latest vaping and e-liquid innovations. PRNewswire | July 8th, 2016 The device’s creator sees it as a compelling alternative to traditional hookahs — the next generation of advanced vaping products. To support the first production run of Croasis, an Indiegogo campaign is up and running at “The idea for Croasis was born when I was first introduced to electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs,” says inventor and company founder Suneel Kabadi. “I was open to the idea of a flavored smokingRead More

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Vape Culture Grows, Still Nobody Knows

So-called vape culture is sweeping through the youth of the nation with very little regulation of how vape smoke is made and even less research into its effects on human beings. Dskriloff | July 7th, 2016 Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), otherwise known as e-cigarettes, vape pens, hookah pens, or vape mods, can be used to smoke a variety of substances including marijuana, in public places without trouble due to reduced smoke and smell. The larger vaporizer brands like Blu and Greensmoke are actually owned by the tobacco companies thatRead More
Maylinn Arroyo owns three vape pens. She says she used to smoke but doesn’t anymore. Antonia Noori | July 7th, 2016 “It was definitely a fad, but it’s not any more,” the 18-year-old, who lives in Sunrise, explains. “There are people who still think it’s the bomb, though. I can show you pictures of my ex doing it every day on Snapchat.” According to a new study, nearly half the teens in Broward County have tried vaping — inhaling vapor through a personal vaporizer. But don’t worry, parents. That trendRead More
Network Rail has long upheld a ban on e-cigs, and many rail franchises have already followed suit specifically outlining the train station ban on their websites Alessandro Sorrentino/James Chapple | July 7th, 2016 Despite still being perfectly legal, smoking e-cigarettes are now banned from the platforms at most UK railway stations. While the 2007 smoking ban outlawed lighting up traditional tobacco products in public places, there is no such legislation concerning e-cigs. But Network Rail, which manages a number of the UK’s largest railway stations, has long upheld a banRead More
Joint statement on e-cigarettes by Public Health England and other UK public health organisations Public Health England | July 6th, 2016 Since 2000, smoking among adults in England has fallen by one-third and among children by two-thirds. Yet almost one in five adults continue to smoke, with higher rates in the more deprived communities meaning that they bear the majority of the harm caused. There is a strong public health consensus on tobacco control, embodied in the landmark report Smoking Still Kills. We all agree that e-cigarettes are significantly lessRead More