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Vaping could be as bad for the heart as smoking cigarettes, a new study suggests. By Laura Donnely | August 30th, 2016 The findings triggered warnings that electronic cigarettes may be “far more dangerous” than was thought. Trials found that a typical session using a device caused similar effects to the main heart artery as smoking a cigarette. The research, presented at the world’s largest cardiology conference, comes amid growing controversy about the safety of e-cigarettes. Last year Public Health England (PHE) endorsed vaping, claiming the habit was 95 perRead More
As many as five lawsuits have been filed against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration- By Reece Nations | August 28th, 2016 after new e-cigarette regulations went into effect on Aug. 8. Groups advocating for the vaporizer industry include the American Vaping Association, Nicopure Labs and the Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition. “It’s terrible that the government can just step in and ruin people’s lives,” Ike Monies, manager at Juicy Juice Vapes, said. “What they’re doing will ruin an industry, and after two years we’ll all have to get newRead More
Vape-shop owners in Pennsylvania are holding out hope that lawmakers will revisit a newly passed measure to tax their inventories by 40% as part of the state’s new budget law. By CSP Daily News | August 29th, 2016 What some have called a “punitive” tax was part of the state’s 2016-2017 budget passed last month, but in August, Rep. Jeff Wheeland (R-Williamsport), proposed a measure that would replace it with a 5-cents-per-milliliter option, similar to policies in North Carolina and Louisiana. Wheeland’s proposal will come up for review this fallRead More
Doctors disagree on the best way to answer patients’ questions about electronic cigarettes, a new study finds. By Robert Preidt | August 26th, 2016 They also want more investigation of the devices — specifically, about the safety of e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes, according to the Stanford University researchers. While traditional cigarettes deliver nicotine when the smoker inhales burning tobacco, e-cigarettes heat liquid nicotine until it vaporizes. Researchers analyzed more than 500 online discussions between doctors and patients about e-cigarettes. About 34 percent of patient questions were about the sideRead More
Public health officials have sounded the alarm that electronic cigarettes have become a new gateway to tobacco for many teens. By Story Hinckley | August 26th, 2016 The theory goes that teens who “vape” can become addicted to nicotine and transition to traditional cigarettes. Many US teens who vape may not actually be inhaling nicotine at all, however: They say they prefer sweet vaping solutions that don’t contain any nicotine, according to new research. Researchers from the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan found that 65 toRead More
The FBI seems to share an opinion with many vapers in Indiana that the state’s new vaping laws look a little fishy. By Kaleigh Rogers | August 24th, 2016 The agency has been interviewing lawmakers and business owners in Indiana, according to the Indianapolis Star, trying to get answers on a bizarre, strict law that is shuttering vape businesses in the state and giving a special power to one local business. Last year, Indiana passed a law setting out standards for vaping manufacturers wishing to sell in the state. ThisRead More
After Conor McGregor spent five rounds turning Nate Diaz’s face into a well-tenderized steak at UFC 202, the Stockton native apparently needed the warm comfort of his vape pen. By Adam K. Raymond | August 23rd, 2016 Never one to be accused of overthinking things, Diaz didn’t bother with concealing his use. He walked up to the dais for his post-fight press conference vape pen in hand. When asked about it, he admitted that he was availing himself of the therapeutic properties of CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, which doesn’t cause a high but has a host of medicalRead More

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How Vaping Could Alter Your DNA

Puffing e-cigarettes — aka vaping — has never been hotter. By Melissa Pandika | August 19th, 2016 The past few years have seen an explosion of bougie vape lounges, sexy vape pens, cloud competitions and a heady array of decadent e-juice flavors. (Blueberry cheesecake, anyone? Vanilla custard?) The marketing of vaping as a safe alternative to cigarette smoking hasn’t hurt its popularity either. But a new study has cast a haze over those claims. Researchers led by Ilona Jaspers of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine found thatRead More
Inhaling vapor from electronic cigarettes is safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, according to a new research study out of Roswell Park Cancer Institute. By Tracy Drury | August 18th, 2016 It’s one of the first studies to confirm that switching to e-cigarettes can reduce the risk of cancer for smokers, and researchers say it will bolster efforts at the local and national level to help smokers quit the habit. TIMOTHY FADEK/BLOOMBERG NEWS PHOTO That’s according to Maciej Goniewicz, lead author of the study and assistant professor of oncology inRead More

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E-Cigarettes Make Smoking Seem Abnormal

The Global Forum in Nicotine was held in June and 44 participating countries sent policy analysts, regulators and public health professionals to discuss smoking cessation and harm reduction. By Lila Abassi | August 16th, 2016 An obvious topic was the role of e-cigarettes as an effective tool in preventing smoking. The UK Centre for Substance Use Research interviewed 167 young people aged 16-25 years in the UK who ‘vape’ about their usage, and found that the majority of them regard it as socially very distant from smoking, was much less harmful than smoking, and they believe that e-cigarettes makeRead More