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Incoming Federal E-Cig Regulations Worries Local Vapers

London’s Vape Shop says it’s worried about the impact new federal health regulations could have on its customers.

TalkRadio AM 640 | September 28th, 2016

Health Canada says the move will balance the need to protect young people from nicotine addiction while allowing adult smokers to legally buy vaping products and e-cigarettes to help quit smoking or as a potentially less harmful alternative to tobacco.

However, few details have been released on what that balance will look like.

Vape Shop manager Ben Kin told AM980 he’s worried the regulations could impact customers’ ability to choose products.

“The customer need to taste and try what they’re going to buy. They have a right to try the device he’s going to buy. If they’re going to buy something without trying them, it will be profitable for the business owners but will be a big loss for the customer. It should be fair for both the customer and the business.”

The new legislation will be introduced later this fall.

Kin said vaping is a healthy alternative to cigarettes.

“The health reports, what they are saying is, vaping is much healthier than tobacco on all scales. People who vape, they inhale two kinds of proponents and they are much healthier than components in cigarettes.”

Despite Kin’s confidence in the health aspects of vaping, Health Minister Jane Philpott said it’s hard to fully understand the dangers of electronic cigarettes because of a lack of evidence.

The federal government is also looking at a ban on menthol cigarettes as well as a plan to introduce plain packaging for all tobacco products.

It’s estimated 87,000 Canadians will become daily smokers this year, placing them and others at risk of developing a variety of diseases and illnesses.

Kin believes vaping can help with that because they can reduce the amount of nicotine people inhale.

“We have the option to minimize and control the percentage of what they take it. For example, someone who is smoking a pack a day can start with 12 mg and gradually he can reduce it to 3mg or zero to help him quit.”

Philpott will host a national forum in early 2017 to discuss the future of tobacco control, including speaking with stakeholders and Canadians, including First Nations and Inuit Canadians.


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