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The Benefits Of Vaping Vs. Smoking

Vaping is a popular lifestyle choice with a growing subculture that drives innovation in the space.

By | January 3rd, 2018

The internet is filled with content on vaping from people all over the world. Vaping has prevented many youths from trying smoking cigarettes and tobacco products, with sales of vape related products to the younger demographic surpassing tobacco products in 2017.

Here are seven benefits of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes.

#1 Its Better for Your Health

Is vaping better for your health than smoking? The general consensus seems to be yes. There is an extensive body of research available on the health effects of vaping but very little information on the long-term effects. However, the studies on vaping in the short term show that it has little to no adverse health effect.

#2 Its Costs Less Than Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit in any country. The international average for the amount of money spent on a pack-a-day addiction is more than $2,000. Vaping costs less than a third of that figure. The cost of the device is the most considerable expense.

#3 People Around You Will Complain Less

Most people that do not smoke cannot stand the smell of cigarettes. Some people may even feel offended if a smoker lights up around them. Vaping does not have the same smell, texture, or look to it as cigarette smoke. Vapor dissipates quickly when outdoors and has a pleasant odor to it due to the tasty e-juice flavors available.

#4 You Won’t Smell Terrible

Have you ever been in a lift and someone enters that has just been on a smoke break? They smell to high heaven of stale smoke. Society has become less accepting of people that smell off cigarette smoke, and if you walk into a meeting reeking of smoke, it may give a negative impression of you to others that do not smoke. Vaping leaves almost no smell residue on or around you.

#5 Save Your Teeth

Smoking cigarettes takes its toll on your teeth. The yellowed and dirty teeth of a cigarette smoker are not very attractive. Vaping creates no nasty residue on your teeth and leaves you with a bright smile and fresh breath.

#6 Re-engage Your Senses

Cigarette smokers lose touch with their senses of taste and smell. Smoking affects the sinus and can create more mucus and blockages than a non-smoker might have. If a smoker quits smoking and starts vaping, one of the first things that they notice is a return of the senses. Smells become stronger as the nasal passageways and the sinus clears, tastes become more apparent as the tongue and taste buds are cleaner.

#7 Vaping Tastes Great

Smoking tastes terrible. Most smokers will admit that they hated their first few cartons of cigarettes but they kept smoking anyway due to the addictive nature of the habit. Vaping is quite the opposite, there are thousands of blended flavors available to try from a multitude of e-juice manufacturers. Sweet, fruity flavors, creamy tastes, and even tobacco flavors are available in high-quality e-juice blends for you to try.

Wrapping Up

The days of smoking’s grip on society are coming to an end. Smoking alternatives like vaping are taking big tobaccos market share and costing them customers. Join the vape revolution and switch to a better concept and a healthier lifestyle with vaping.


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