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Posted On February 5, 2016By Vapor NewsIn Gear, Headline News

E-Cigarette Safety: Why It Is So Important

Canadian teen finds himself at the wrong end of an exploding vapor device. By – January 31, 2016 His parents cry foul on the product. The device, an advanced “mech mod” is sold specifically among a class of products made only for the most advanced users. News reports focuses in only on the aspect of the device exploding. As far as the media goes, this kind of reporting is ridiculous. It has become a continuous effort on their part to take any story that appears, or that they invent,Read More

Posted On November 18, 2014By Vapor NewsIn Gear, Health

Vape Safety and Ohms Law + Handy Ω Calculator

Mechanical mods, high wattage regulated mods, rebuild-able dripping atomizers and rebuild-able tank atomizers are becoming extremely popular. Most experienced vapers quickly realize the cost savings of rebuilding and make simple RDA’s / RBA’s and RTA’s part of their daily life. It’s no surprise – for the cost of a pack of coils could buy you a year supply of kanthal wire and organic cotton – the building blocks of most vape coils built today. Additionally self build coils in RDA’s tend to produce a lot more vapor, and superb flavorRead More