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A group of health bodies and charities has called for more to be done to help smokers with mental health conditions quit, including accessing e-cigarettes and other treatments. By Cancer Research UK | November 15th,2017 In its Statement on Electronic Cigarettes, the Mental Health & Smoking Partnership said that smoking remains “part of the culture in too many mental health settings”, and that vaping and nicotine replacement therapies should be made an easier choice than smoking. “E-cigarettes offer another opportunity for smokers with mental health conditions that haven’t been able toRead More
Vaping IS Better for you than smoking cigarettes… and it’s right the government has finally admitted it By George Butterworth, Cancer Research UK’s tobacco policy manager | September 22nd, 2017 Tobacco is the world’s leading cause of preventable death, accounting for around 6 million deaths each year. FOR the first time, a government public health campaign has backed e-cigarettes as a way for smokers to quit. Stoptober, an annual campaign run by Public Health England, gives smokers a range of options to support them to stop, including Stop Smoking Services,Read More
New government plans to reduce smoking have been revealed – but will they work? By Alex Ballinger | July 19th, 2017 Employers are being encouraged to allow staff to vape and use e-cigarettes in the office – to help them quit smoking. The government’s Tobacco Control Plan, released this week, reminds companies that e-cigarettes are not illegal in offices and it is up to the employer to decide if they can be used in the workplace. Published by the Department of Health, the document sets out the government’s plans to moveRead More
European Union Poll shows TPD failure, while global fight over vape laws continues By Fergus Mason | June 12th, 2017 The EU’s controversial Tobacco Products Directive has had no effect on smoking rates, according to the latest data – but it may be deterring people from switching to vaping. Meanwhile, a new US study shows that anti-vaping laws lead to higher smoking rates among pregnant women. Malaysia’s most populous state is now threatening to jail anyone who vapes in public parks or shopping centers, while their counterparts in the IndianRead More
Remember when Prime Minister Stephen Harper was accused of muzzling scientists? By Derek James | February 26th, 2017 The CBC reported his government brought in “strict procedures around how its scientists are allowed to speak about their research to the media.” These scientists claimed to “live in a culture of fear,” and the popular narrative was that the government was suppressing important scientific information and silencing critics. Regardless of the accuracy of those stories, there is legitimate concern when a government appears to be impeding the public’s ability to accessRead More
It has been claimed that just 10 puffs on an e-cigarette is enough to trigger physiological changes that can lead to heart disease. By Spectator Health Reporter | December 6th, 2016 Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm say that inhaling e-cig vapour leads to a ‘rapid rise’ in levels of endothelial progenitor cells (EPC), which is indicative of damage to the inner lining of blood vessels, which can cause hardening of the arteries. During the study, which has been published in the journal Atherosclerosis, the researchers examined 16 ‘occasionalRead More
The federal government wants to keep vapour-based e-cigarettes out of the hands of children, By Canadian Press | November 22nd, 2016 while ensuring smokers can access the devices to help mitigate the health risks of a tobacco habit, says Health Minister Jane Philpott. New legislation introduced Tuesday in the Senate aims to tackle 21st-century tobacco use by retooling the existing tobacco law as the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act and creating a new class for vapour-based products. But as questions persist about the health effects, vaping remains a double-edged swordRead More
On the 12th of October, the UK’s newspaper, The Times, released an article containing untruthful and defamatory aggressive accusations- By Diane Caruana | November 7th, 2016 against some well known pro-vaping scientists and advocates, claiming that their research is funded by Big Tobacco. These hollow allegations naturally caused a great uproar and a demand for justice, which led to the The Times publishing a letter of apology. In the infamous article, part of which was titled, Experts making a packet, misinformed author Katie Gibbons, mentioned by name a handful ofRead More

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Vaping Gains Ground In South Africa

Go somewhere trendy, and you’ll doubtless see a “vaper” clutching a device- By Helen Grange | November 3rd, 2016 that looks like a boxy cigarette lighter with a short steel pipe, or a more elegant e-cigarette and blowing out plumes of smoke. A vape (short for vaporizer) is an electronic atomization “cigarette”, and although they’ve been in South Africa for years, they are gaining popularity, with vaping shops spawning everywhere and vaping gathering an almost cult-like following. The typical vaper is an urbane hipster, probably sporting tattoos and a baseball cap,Read More

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DGCA Asks Airlines To Add E-Cig Policy

Domestic airlines have been asked by the civil aviation regulator to formulate a policy on handling of electronic cigarettes- By Press Trust of India | October 31st, 2016 and display warnings inside lavatories and passenger briefing cards as part of the cabin safety measures. Under the new cabin safety circular, effective tomorrow, the operators would have to develop procedures to “ensure passengers are advised to remove electronic cigarettes (valet/ sky check) or in cases where excess carry-on baggage must be placed in the hold”. Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), popularlyRead More