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Here we go again. It seems Anti-Vape affiliates are Still Blowing Smoke up the @s$es of America’s general public with recycled lies. By Tony Ottomanelli II | May 26th, 2017 Of course, many already are well aware of the FDA American’s rights to promoting harm reduction products to ensure the safety of one another now includes policymakers and regulators to require outlandish mandatory impossibilities, unless vape advocates mobilize and assist one another in surviving these threats and attacks (i.e. PMTA). The New York State has clearly reached “high priority” statusRead More
Remember when Prime Minister Stephen Harper was accused of muzzling scientists? By Derek James | February 26th, 2017 The CBC reported his government brought in “strict procedures around how its scientists are allowed to speak about their research to the media.” These scientists claimed to “live in a culture of fear,” and the popular narrative was that the government was suppressing important scientific information and silencing critics. Regardless of the accuracy of those stories, there is legitimate concern when a government appears to be impeding the public’s ability to accessRead More
ONE AREA of rampant regulatory abuse the Trump Administration should attack is the war against e-cigarettes. By Steve Forbes | February 28th, 2017 “Vaping” has been a godsend for people who are trying to quit smoking. It gives users the kick from nicotine without inhaling all the tars and other substances that make smoking cigarettes so lethal. Yet a perverse mind-set reigns among health regulators and fanatical anti-smoking crusaders: Against all honest scientific evidence, they equate vaping with lighting up actual cigarettes. They claim, with no credible justification, that e-cigarettes areRead More
On the 12th of October, the UK’s newspaper, The Times, released an article containing untruthful and defamatory aggressive accusations- By Diane Caruana | November 7th, 2016 against some well known pro-vaping scientists and advocates, claiming that their research is funded by Big Tobacco. These hollow allegations naturally caused a great uproar and a demand for justice, which led to the The Times publishing a letter of apology. In the infamous article, part of which was titled, Experts making a packet, misinformed author Katie Gibbons, mentioned by name a handful ofRead More

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Can E-Cigs Survive The War Against Vaping?

E-cigarettes were supposed to save lives and revitalise the smoking industry. But anti-smoking zealots, government regulators and Big Tobacco seem determined to snuff out the market—and any entrepreneurs plying it. By Susan Adams | June 21st, 2016 In the winter of 2008, Jan Verleur was living on the outskirts of Prague, working on a novel about three failed internet entrepreneurs who invest their dwindling capital in an ecstasy-smuggling ring. It wasn’t autobiographical, but Verleur, 36, was writing from experience with failed ventures. His most recent had been an ambitious pornographyRead More
Washington County is going smoke-free in almost all of its parks and recreation areas. By CJ Lovelace – April 5th, 2016 The county Recreation and Parks Advisory Board on Tuesday announced the smoking ban, which also applies to e-cigarettes or vaping products, that went into effect Friday, according to a county news release. The county joins 17 other jurisdictions in the state that encourage visitors to keep parks and recreation facilities tobacco and vape free, particularly around areas where children play or that host youth activities. Several county parks, suchRead More

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Chicago Launches Anti-Vaping Campaign

Aims to provide “scientifically proven health information on the risks of using e-cigarettes” By CSP Daily News – December 28, 2015 CHICAGO — The Chicago Department of Public Health has launched a new public-education and social-media campaign dedicated to informing youth and families of “the truth about the dangers of e-cigarettes.” The Vaping Campaign premiered citywide this month over social media with the hashtag #VapingTruth (see example below) and a series of digital and outdoor advertisements scheduled to debut on Dec. 28. The goal of the campaign is “to provideRead More

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New Gallup poll shows that Americans quit smoking at a rate higher than ever before. The new report comes a month after CDC revealed an increase in the usage rate of e-cigarettes. By Renee Randazzo – December 13, 2015 According to the Gallup poll, the higher decline (12 percent compared to 10 years ago) has been observed in the young adults, aged 18 to 29. Among young adults, only 22 percent have been reporting to smoke tobacco cigarettes in 2015. If in the early 2000s, this was the population withRead More