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E-cigarette companies unite to tackle proposed ban in Hong Kong
Five major electronic cigarette companies in the city have formed a new association to block the government’s plan to ban the sale of their products in the city, the Post has learned. Nav Lalji, one founder of the Asian Vape Association formed last week, said the group contained major players in the e-cigarette industry – including sellers, distributors and manufacturers – who make up about 70 per cent of the local market. “It is irresponsible for the governmEent to prohibit personal vaporizers with no scientific basis,” he said. “If theyRead More
>A total ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes is being urged by an anti-smoking lobby. The Council on Smoking and Health made the call following a six-month survey by University of Hong Kong’s School of Public Health. Conducted between May and September last year, the survey interviewed 809 respondents, 248 of whom were aged 15-29 and 551 aged 30 or above. The remainder did not give their ages. The survey found that 4.4 percent of people aged 15-29 tried an e-cigarette at least once, compared with 1 percent ofRead More
Possible Ban on Flavored Cigarettes Concerns E-Cigarette Manufacturers
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on flavored cigarettes in retail stores has attracted attention from e-cigarette manufacturers across the country. The proposal, which would restrict the sale of all cigarette flavors except menthol and tobacco in almost every location in New York City, would have a direct impact on e-cigarettes.Read More
Switzerland bans e-cigarettes in public transport
Switzerland bans e-cigarettes in public transport as of next month, the national association of mass transit operators said Tuesday. The regulation against smoking tobacco on public transport was extended to electronic cigarettes due to the difficulty of inspectors to distinguish between cigarettes and e-cigarettes.Read More