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Posted On March 17, 2016By Vapor NewsIn Headline News, Legislation

NORCO: E-Cigarettes Banned At Parks

Cigarette smoking was banned from Norco parks in 2010. By Patrick O’Neill – March 16th, 2016 On Wednesday, March 16, city officials added e-cigarettes to the list. The 2010 law prohibited smoking any “product or equipment used to burn any tobacco products, weed, or combustible substance” in parks, to protect public health and the rights of non-smokers to breathe smoke-free air. E-cigarettes, a battery-operated device used to convert liquid nicotine into vapor, had not fallen under the list of banned substances. City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to change that. TheRead More
On Thursday, California lawmakers voted to pass legislation raising the smoking age to 21. By KRCRTV – March 10th, 2016 Gov. Jerry Brown still must sign off on the bill making California the second state, after Hawaii, to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. This legislation also classifies electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco products. The new classification means that E-Cigs would face the same restrictions as cigarettes. That part of the legislation is something local vape shop owner, Kari Hess, does not agree with. “It’s really disheartening becauseRead More
The use of electronic cigarettes on commercial airplanes is now banned under a new rule finalized by the US Department of Transportation- By Andrew J. Hawkins – March 2nd, 2016 Which applies to all domestic and foreign carriers with flights scheduled to and from the US. The ban applies to all e-cigarettes, including electronic cigars, pipes, and devices designed to look like everyday products such as pens. It does not apply to nebulizers, which are used to treat cystic fibrosis and asthma. It’s not clear, however, whether the rule appliesRead More

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EP Plans To Ban Vaping In City Facilities

There will be no vaping inside City Hall. Or the police station. Or in a police car, for that matter. By Scott Hilyard – February 18th, 2016 In fact, no vaping, period, if the City Council approves an ordinance prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices in any city facilities. The prohibition would not extend to public areas like stores, bars, restaurants and work places as allowed by the Smoke-Free Illinois Act enacted in 2008 that ended smoking in public places. The ordinance was passed onRead More
The Obama administration should extend a public housing smoking ban to electronic cigarettes, health advocates say. By Tim Devaney – January 19, 2016 The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed a smoking ban in November that would protect public housing residents, and particularly children and the elderly, from the effects of secondhand smoke. The smoking ban would prohibit people from lighting cigarettes, cigars and pipes inside government-assisted homes for low-income families. It would also extend to outdoor common areas. With the comment period closing, dozens of health groupsRead More

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USA: A Ban On Advertising In Oklahoma?

A bill has been introduced on January 14, 2016, by Senator Mike Brown, in Oklahoma, that aims at prohibiting advertising of vaping products on television and radio. The ban that would apply to the entire State, if enacted, shall become effective November 1, 2016. First reading on February 1, 2016. By Ghyslain Armand – January 20, 2016 Oklahoma State Representative Mike Brown, a Democrat, has introduced on January 14, 2016, a bill to be presented to the House in first reading on February 1,  entitled: “An Act relating to intoxicatingRead More
LAWYERS have called for legislation to ban smoking in cars that are carrying children to be extended to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes. By Martin Williams – December 20, 2015 Adult motorists or their passengers caught lighting up in vehicles carrying people under the age of 18 soon face being fined up to £100. But The Law Society of Scotland has said the cigarette ban does not go far enough and should have covered the devices which are commonly used by people trying to kick traditional smoking habits. TheRead More

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Don’t stifle vaping

Yes, I vape.  On occasion, I might even smoke a real cigarette. By Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) – December 09, 2015 Through my military career, including three combat tours, I even experienced chewing tobacco. Now that I vape, does it mean I am one step closer to dying than say, someone who might drink too much, eat too much red meat or live an all-around unhealthy lifestyle? No way. To vape is to smoke an electronic cigarette, for those who don’t know.  An e-cigarette is different from a regular cigarette, mainlyRead More
Lib Dems and Tories say they won’t pass the Welsh Government’s bill unless restrictions on e-cigarettes are removed By Rachel Flint – December 08, 2015 A landmark health bill could be binned by the Welsh Assembly if controversial restrictions on e-cigarettes are not removed from the legislation. The Welsh Government hopes to bring restrictions on e-cigarettes and vaping into line with the current smoking ban by the end of 2016. But the measure, which is contained in the proposed Public Health (Wales) Bill, has so divided the Assembly that itRead More
New rules from the Food and Drug Administration could wreck the consumer-driven market for a broad range of products that reduce or eliminate many of the harmful aspects of combustible cigarettes, and drive millions back to smoking. By Cameron Smith & Dr. Edward Anselm – December 03, 2015 Under the FDA’s current proposal, nicotine-delivery products created after Feb. 15, 2007 — including e-cigarettes and other vapor devices already being sold and used by consumers — would be taken off the market until they pass a tremendously onerous and expensive authorizationRead More