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With laws that increase California’s smoking age from 18 to 21- By Victoria Colliver – June 9th, 2016 and regulate vaping products as tobacco products, going into effect Thursday — just over a month after Gov. Jerry Brown signed them — some merchants haven’t even had time to make permanent signs. Christopher Chin, owner of Gone With the Smoke, a San Francisco vape shop that has been in business since November 2013, plans to put up photocopied notices informing customers about the change.  Chin, who had to fire one employeeRead More
Duncan Hunter, the Republican representative from California who loves2vape- By Drew Salisbury – May 10th, 2016 and has accepted $31,500 in campaign contributions from the Big Vape lobby, has reimbursed $12,000 to his campaign treasury after he was found to have been misappropriating funds for personal expenses like video games, fast food from Jack in the Box, and his home’s gas, electric, and water bills. Hunter had been under query by the Federal Election Commission after a San Diego Union-Tribune investigation into “an unusual pattern of expenditures listed on his 2015 disclosure forms as personalRead More
Orange County vaping industry executives met at the state Capitol on Tuesday to urge Gov. Jerry Brown to veto legislation that would classify electronic cigarettes as tobacco and raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. By Courtney Perkes – March 29th, 2016 But Brown can’t make a decision yet because the bills haven’t reached his desk, despite their passage March 10. Lawmakers have dismissed suggestions that the delay may be a strategic move to fend off tobacco companies who have threatened to launch a ballot initiative to reverseRead More
In the Golden State, home to healthy living, progressive politics and one of the lowest smoking rates in the nation- By Nicholas Kusnetz – March 25th, 2016 cigarettes can seem like a relic of the past, barred long ago from restaurants, bars and even some city parks. And yet within the walls of California’s high-domed capitol, tobacco companies continue to wield surprising power. After a recent loss on a slate of tobacco-control bills headed to the governor’s desk, they are gearing up for a bigger test looming at the ballotRead More
On Thursday, California lawmakers voted to pass legislation raising the smoking age to 21. By KRCRTV – March 10th, 2016 Gov. Jerry Brown still must sign off on the bill making California the second state, after Hawaii, to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. This legislation also classifies electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco products. The new classification means that E-Cigs would face the same restrictions as cigarettes. That part of the legislation is something local vape shop owner, Kari Hess, does not agree with. “It’s really disheartening becauseRead More
If California gets a national reputation as being a little bit kooky, sometimes we have only ourselves to blame. By Dennis Romero – March 10th, 2016 The California Senate today voted to raise the tobacco smoking age from 18 to 21. The “legal age to purchase or possess tobacco products” is now 21, according to the language of the bill. But, strangely perhaps, teens can still legally buy weed all day long. “Medicinal marijuana requires a prescription from a licensed health care provider,” Sen. Ed Hernandez, author of the smoking-ageRead More

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California’s War On Vape

It is the age of vape. By Chris Roberts – March 9th, 2016 On our streets and in (some) of our buildings, bros and girls of all ages are pulling on propylene-glycol-powered tubes, and in Washington, clouds of vapor are replacing the proverbial smoke-filled room. Last month, U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-San Diego), a 39-year-old ex-military man, vaped on the floor of the House during a debate over banning e-cigarettes on planes. He lost his rhetorical point, and e-cigs were added to the list of banned devices on flights. ShortlyRead More
There are nearly 4 million cigarette smokers in California- By Christina Fan – March 3rd, 2016 and on Thursday, the state assembly passed a number of bills hoping to restrict access and help break the habit. Vape shops and cigarette stores all have signs saying “18 and older” plastered on their doors. Soon, you’ll have to be even older to get in. The popularity of vaping keeps spreading– new stores keep opening. And owner Adam Wooddy said Tower District business keeps booming. “This is kind of a nice place forRead More
California is on the wrong path if it moves forward with a regressive “sin” tax on vapor products, as supported by The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board (“Another shot at e-cigarettes,” Jan. 24). By Cynthia Cabrera – February 01, 2016 The end result will only lead adults back to smoking cigarettes or force them to purchase products out of state or on the black market. The sad truth is that California received $1.52 billion in tobacco excise taxes and settlements in 2014, but only used 4.3 percent on prevention and cessationRead More
The Mariposa Board of Supervisors recently adopted an ordinance for Smoking and Tobacco under Chapter 25, No. 1112. This updated ordinance replaces outdated regulations dating from 1950 and 1992. By Sierra Sun Times – December 22, 2015 The ordinance took effect November 26, 2015 and results in county laws regulating smoking and tobacco use that are current, consistent with state law, and relevant for today. Under the new ordinance, Mariposa County joins the approximately 62 local jurisdictions in California that prohibit Electronic Smoking Devices (ESD) in specific locations and theRead More