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Posted On February 1, 2017By Frank ArditoIn Headline News, Health

Vaping May Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Electronic cigarettes could put smokers at risk of heart disease, a study shows. By Alessandra Potenza | February 1st, 2017 Regular cigarettes are known to cause cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes. Now, it looks like e-cigarettes might, too. Compared to healthy non-smokers, people who use e-cigs almost every day were found to have biological markers known to increase the risk of heart disease in tobacco users, according to a study published today in the journal JAMA Cardiology. The researchers observed increased levels of adrenaline in the heart, asRead More
Lawmakers in a Pennsylvania county are gearing up for a vote to squash electronic cigarettes and treat the devices like traditional tobacco. By Steve Birr | January 2nd, 2017 The Allegheny County Council will vote as early as Tuesday on new regulations governing vaping. It would ban the devices in any school, workplace, sports stadium, government building, bus, cab or any other public indoor space. The new law will essentially relegate use of e-cigarettes to areas where traditional smoking is allowed, reports Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The measure already passed a unanimous sixRead More
E-cigs are a growing alternative to smoking tobacco. By Scott Probst | December 28th, 2016 Some municipalities in Central Illinois are moving to regulate them similarly to tobacco cigarettes. Health promotions specialist for the McLean County Health Department Sarah Philos told us, “It would really be wonderful if it could expand to just everywhere.” The City of Bloomington banned e-cigarettes in public buildings in August. The idea has since caught the attention of the McLean County Health Department. Philos explains, “What it is doing is really protecting the people thatRead More

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Ten Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping

Vaping is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. By VW Staff | December 13th, 2016 Known as the better and healthier alternative for regular cigarettes, many are already hooked up on this habit that in fact, 21% of all US smokers are already using vapes alongside with regular tobaccos. On the other hand, many sees e-cigarettes as a cessation device that can help them quit their smoking habit much easier and faster compared to other cessation methods like nicotine gums, patch or lozenges. Having said that, manyRead More
For many years now there has been a huge amount of attention being given to the dangers of secondhand smoke. By Sara Williams | December 6th, 2016 In an effort to protect nonsmokers from those dangers, HUD has ruled that smoking will no longer be allowed in any of the buildings subsidized by them. However, it is unclear as to exactly what this means for those who use electronic cigarettes or vaping devices because the wording is, at best, unclear, and at worst, contradictory. Latest Ruling from the U.S. DepartmentRead More
Humans are sense-oriented animals. By Derek Beres | December 6th, 2016 We rely heavily on our visual system, though the tactile sense and the strong influence of odor also play essential roles in navigating our environment. Yet thanks to overactive imaginations we often give credence to the invisible, in our faiths as much as the products and chemicals we ingest. How else could superfoods become such overvalued nutritional sources? Once simply called food, raw cacao and seaweed (among many others) have been transformed into mystical manna. These marketing plans haveRead More
A recent national consumer survey noted that 44 percent of Americans under the age of 35 consider electronic cigarettes- By Allie Casey | December 2nd, 2016 also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, to be less harmful to the lungs than traditional cigarettes. Two upcoming clinical studies at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (The OSUCCC – James) aim to discover the health effects of using e-cigarettes and are currently still recruiting healthy volunteers. “We have no ideaRead More
The federal government wants to keep vapour-based e-cigarettes out of the hands of children, By Canadian Press | November 22nd, 2016 while ensuring smokers can access the devices to help mitigate the health risks of a tobacco habit, says Health Minister Jane Philpott. New legislation introduced Tuesday in the Senate aims to tackle 21st-century tobacco use by retooling the existing tobacco law as the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act and creating a new class for vapour-based products. But as questions persist about the health effects, vaping remains a double-edged swordRead More
Vaping vendors across California are bracing for a first-time state tax By Steve Birr | November 10th, 2016 on electronic cigarettes following the passage of a ballot hiking tobacco taxes. The initiative could hit the vaping industry with a 67 percent penalty on the purchase of liquid nicotine. The tax is part of Proposition 56, which passed with 63 percent support and will raise the tax on tobacco products in the state from 87 cents to $2.87, along with bringing e-cigarettes under the umbrella. Critics of the ballot and many healthRead More

Posted On November 2, 2016By Frank ArditoIn Headline News, Health

E-Cigs Can’t Shake Their Reputation As A Menace

A decade after electronic cigarettes were introduced in the United States, By Sabrina Tavernise | November 1st, 2016 use has flattened, sales have slowed and, this fall, NJoy, once one of the country’s biggest e-cigarette manufacturers, filed for bankruptcy. It is quite a reversal for an invention once billed as the biggest chance to end smoking as we know it and take aim at the country’s largest cause of preventable death. Use of the devices is slumping because they are not as good as cigarettes at giving a hit ofRead More