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Posted On June 22, 2018By Frank ArditoIn Headline News, The Buzz

Is The Vape Shop Boom Coming To An End?

In 2015, when James Restarick opened his first shop in Kent selling kits for vaping, his friends were surprised. By Ben Morris | June 20th, 2018 “They thought I was mad. I didn’t actually tell anyone for seven months that I had opened a shop.” Having previously been a partner in a bar and restaurant business he enjoyed his new lifestyle. “I used to do double shifts, I would be in there day and night – now I have a life.” And as a former heavy smoker, Mr. Restarick enjoyedRead More
Proponents of electronic cigarettes applauded the recent dismissal of former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and hope his replacement will be more accepting of the tobacco-alternative practice called vaping. By Jennifer Graham | May 1st, 2017 Murthy, a Harvard-educated physician appointed by former President Barack Obama, was an outspoken critic of e-cigarettes during his 28-month term. The nurse installed as his temporary replacement was Murthy’s deputy, but it’s not yet clear if Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams shares her former boss’s opinion that e-cigarettes are a public health threat — or, forRead More
More and more people are turning to e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. By Bruce Brown | December 14th, 2016 While inhaling anything into your lungs is never 100% safe, e-cigarettes are vastly more healthy for you if you do smoke, and may be a way to ween yourself off of traditional cigarettes if you want to quit smoking altogether. Using an e-cigarette — vaping, as it is widely known — has increased in popularity over the past decade due to its potential of helping people quit smoking, orRead More

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How Republicans Can Rescue E-Cigs From The FDA

When big government lends a hand to rescue small business… By Alice B. Lloyd | December 14th, 2016 Controversial FDA rules for e-cigarette producers will badly damage the growing vaping industry. The regulations, finalized in August, require that any product not on the market before 2007—when there were no vaping products available—undergo a costly retroactive application process for federal approval in order to continue selling their wares. The incoming administration’s anti-regulatory stance has vaping advocates feeling bullish about the dawning Trump years. When these so-called “deeming regulations” became final inRead More

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Trump Urged To Snuff Out FDA Rules

President-elect Trump’s team is being urged to kill new Food and Drug Administration rules that threaten to snuff out the e-cigarette business and rob chain-smokers of an alternative to ending their habit. By Paul Bedard | December 12th, 2016 In a letter to Vice President-elect Pence, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and California Rep. Duncan Hunter said that the new regulations would eliminate the industry with fees of up to $1 million per product. Typically, vaping operations produce dozens of products, mostly different flavors of vapor. “If the FDA’s overreach goesRead More
A recent national consumer survey noted that 44 percent of Americans under the age of 35 consider electronic cigarettes- By Allie Casey | December 2nd, 2016 also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, to be less harmful to the lungs than traditional cigarettes. Two upcoming clinical studies at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (The OSUCCC – James) aim to discover the health effects of using e-cigarettes and are currently still recruiting healthy volunteers. “We have no ideaRead More
I’ll start with a personal statement- By Hafidz Baharom | October 17th, 2016 I come from a family of smokers, and some have moved to vaping as a conscious choice to reduce harm and foregoing cigarettes entirely. With it now being hard to find spare parts and even licensed sellers going bust, many have fallen off the wagon not just in my personal circle, but most probably in many parts of the country as well. As such, the question above needs to be asked not just from a Malaysian standpoint,Read More

Posted On October 12, 2016By Frank ArditoIn Headline News, Market & Industry

Regulating The Vape Industry

Proposed regulations on vaping are welcomed by many in the business, as long as they don’t go too far. By Krista Conrad | October 12th, 2016 Kathleen Hurtak, manager of Dieslpunk Vape Co. in Okotoks, said their store is pleased to see age restrictions as well as cleanliness and health standards come into play in the industry. “I think it’s great for regulations to come in, especially enforcing not selling to minors and that sort of thing,” said Hurtak. Health Canada announced Sept. 27 it would bring forward legislation thisRead More

Posted On September 22, 2016By Frank ArditoIn Headline News, Legislation

FDA To Increase Vaping Regulations

Earlier this year, the Food and Drug Administration began rolling out new regulations for electronic cigarettes- By Jason Bacherman | September 22nd, 2016 changing the ways they can be sold and advertised. These regulations intend “to protect youth by restricting their access to tobacco products,” according to an FDA release. Some, however, are concerned about the impacts these regulations could have on the industry.  As of now, vape shops can no longer claim that vaping is safer than other tobacco products, which has been a main selling point of e-cigaretteRead More
The e-cigarette and cigar industries have enlisted high-profile lobbyists and influential congressional allies- By Eric Lipton | September 2nd, 2016 in an attempt to stop the Food and Drug Administration from retroactively examining their products for public health risks or banning them from the market. The campaign targets a broad new rule that extends F.D.A. jurisdiction to include cigars, e-cigarettes and pipe and hookah tobacco. The bipartisan effort has featured a former senator who did not register as a lobbyist before going to work for the cigar companies and aRead More