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Electronic cigarettes, the popular vapor substitute to traditional tobacco cigarettes, will soon be banned from public indoor spaces in New York State — just like the real thing. By Sarah Maslin Nir | October 23rd, 2017 Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Monday signed a bill to ban vaping anywhere cigarettes are already prohibited, like workplaces, restaurants and bars. The ban goes into effect in 30 days. E-cigs, as the products that vaporize a variety of oils into an inhalant are generally known, were added to the state’s Clean Indoor AirRead More
Here we go again. It seems Anti-Vape affiliates are Still Blowing Smoke up the @s$es of America’s general public with recycled lies. By Tony Ottomanelli II | May 26th, 2017 Of course, many already are well aware of the FDA American’s rights to promoting harm reduction products to ensure the safety of one another now includes policymakers and regulators to require outlandish mandatory impossibilities, unless vape advocates mobilize and assist one another in surviving these threats and attacks (i.e. PMTA). The New York State has clearly reached “high priority” statusRead More
Following reports of e-cigarettes exploding, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York) is calling on the federal government to look into why it is happening. By Avery Powell | December 20th, 2016 However, local vape store owners say the risk is still low. “The fact that there have been a series of explosions, it’s not just a one-off, means we have to do a lot more,” said Schumer. Schumer says the devices are “a ticking time bomb,” citing an Associated Press story saying the FDA identified about 66 explosions in 2015 andRead More
Q: “I smoke and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant. I know I’ll struggle to give up smoking, so would it be safer to change to e-cigarettes instead?” By Professor Judith Zelikoff – March 1st, 2016 A: Professor Judith Zelikoff, from New York University in the United States, has just led a study into the effects on newborn babies of their pregnant mothers having smoked e-cigarettes. She says: “The basic answer would be not to smoke anything while you’re pregnant or nursing or even after the baby’s born, so asRead More
It was bound to come down to a judge’s ruling eventually, but we didn’t know it would happen this soon. By Jimmy Hafrey – February 21st, 2016 In New York, a judge just ruled that vaping is not smoking and the two words cannot be used interchangeably. New York currently bans smoking in most public areas, but according to the judge that doesn’t mean vaping is automatically banned as well. After a vaper was cited for using his device on a subway platform, he challenged the issue in court. InRead More

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Smoking is bad, but what about privacy?

Of course it wouldn’t end with choices left up to the public. They seem driven to take away all but the correct choice. “Mayor Bill de Blasio is ramping up the city’s war against smoking — at home, The Post has learned,” the New York Post reported last week. “The administration is planning to select and pay four health-advocacy groups $9,000 apiece to pressure landlords and developers to prohibit smoking in their apartment complexes so neighboring tenants don’t inhale secondhand smoke.” Here’s the most laughable part of the article: “CityRead More

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Global growth continues, but regulation and taxation likely to affect rapidly increasing sales. June 25, 2015 ​NEW YORK – While cigarette sales volume slipped 0.4% worldwide last year, the global vapor industry nearly doubled in size, to $6 billion from 2013 to 2014, according to a report from Euromonitor International. CBS News reports that the research firm expects the industry to continue its rapid growth, unless potential regulatory and taxation issues slow the trajectory. The United States accounted for about half of all global vapor sales in 2014, at aboutRead More
By Terry Maguire June 25, 2015 , 12:20 pm Michael McBride is crystal clear; our Chief Medical Officer believes too many people are vaping and this is a bad thing.  In a recent TV interview he was unambiguous in his discouragement of e-cigarettes.    The views of CMO are important, people listen and people take note.  He’s not alone; the British Medical Association, WHO, European Commission and the Welsh Assembly are all censorious.   So are they right? One thing on which Michael McBride and I agree is the need to reduce tobacco harm.  Read More
Galef And Carlucci Aim To Stomp Out E-Cigarettes

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Galef And Carlucci Aim To Stomp Out E-Cigarettes

Galef And Carlucci Aim To Stomp Out E-Cigarettes. Galef and Carlucci were joined by concerned parents, educators and teachers at the Ossining Public Library, to propose legislation that will treat e-cigarettes the same as tobacco cigarettes.Read More
NYC Smoking Age Officially Raised To 21

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NYC Smoking Age Officially Raised To 21

NYC Smoking Age Officially Raised To 21. The change goes into effect in 180 days, raising the minimum age on purchases of certain tobacco products and electronic cigarettes from 18 to 21.Read More