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When non-profit developer Options for Homes launches its latest development The Humber this summer- By PR Newswire | May 28th, 2018 it will bring something new to the market: a “Smoke Less” condo building that will restrict the consumption of tobacco and cannabis to vaporizers. The move is part of Options’ commitment to creating a predominantly family friendly condo, which is reflected in the condo’s suite mix, two-thirds of which are 2- and 3-bedroom suites suitable for families. The Humber’s comprehensive and thoughtful “Smoke Less” takes into account both theRead More
Proponents of electronic cigarettes applauded the recent dismissal of former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and hope his replacement will be more accepting of the tobacco-alternative practice called vaping. By Jennifer Graham | May 1st, 2017 Murthy, a Harvard-educated physician appointed by former President Barack Obama, was an outspoken critic of e-cigarettes during his 28-month term. The nurse installed as his temporary replacement was Murthy’s deputy, but it’s not yet clear if Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams shares her former boss’s opinion that e-cigarettes are a public health threat — or, forRead More

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Vape Stores Roll With The Fed’s Punches

The first wave of federal regulations struck the electronic cigarette and “vape” industry on Monday and local stores are adjusting, but not rolling over. By Aaron Davis | August 10th, 2016 New rules from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have now classified vaporizer devices and juices, whether they contain nicotine or not, as tobacco products under the Tobacco Control Act. In the first wave of regulations that hit Monday, vape stores are now subject to additional regulations: No new products, no free samples and no statements comparing the healthRead More
In 2015, a man was hospitalized with critical injuries after his e-cigarette exploded in his face. By Stephanie Lee – June 15th, 2016 Another victim suffered severe burns on his hands, a hole in his tongue, and knocked out teeth. Here’s why and how e-cigarettes can literally blow up on you, and what you can do to minimize your risk. Admittedly, to say that e-cigarettes “explode” sounds over the top, but this video shows that something is clearly catching on fire. This concern over fire and consumer safety prompted the U.S.Read More
As I write this, my fingers smell like incense and hippie soap. By Wes Cipolla – June 7th, 2016 The stench on my clothes is courtesy of Smokie’s Tobacco in the Berkshire Mall. The sickeningly sweet store air is called “Lucky Charms Marshmallow with Glazed Donut.” This is one of the hundreds of electronic cigarette flavors available to customers. Unfortunately, it’ll soon be the closest thing to a free sample that vapers can get. On May 5, the Food and Drug Administration decided to make free samples of vaping flavorsRead More
A bill that would have banned the use of electronic cigarettes in restaurants and many other public places in Virginia was defeated in a General Assembly committee on Tuesday. By John Reid Blackwell – February 09, 2016 By an 8-4 voice vote, the Senate’s committee on local government set aside the legislation introduced by Sen. John C. Miller, D-Newport News, which sought to include restrictions on e-cigarettes in the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act. “E-cigarettes have not been fully studied, so there is not a lot that we do know,”Read More