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You will find news headlines, social media posts, viral website stories and a lot more bashing vaping in one way or the other. By Sam Allcock | June 5th, 2017 There are so many common lies people tell you about e-cigarettes. Now it’s up to us to start changing the public perceptions of vaping. You don’t need to believe in just one poorly done study and its finding lashing at vaping and totally ignoring how vaping is bringing changes in lives of public. We are bringing you some studies hereRead More
Proponents of electronic cigarettes applauded the recent dismissal of former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and hope his replacement will be more accepting of the tobacco-alternative practice called vaping. By Jennifer Graham | May 1st, 2017 Murthy, a Harvard-educated physician appointed by former President Barack Obama, was an outspoken critic of e-cigarettes during his 28-month term. The nurse installed as his temporary replacement was Murthy’s deputy, but it’s not yet clear if Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams shares her former boss’s opinion that e-cigarettes are a public health threat — or, forRead More

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Local E-Cig Explosion Survivor Opposes National Ban

Omaha, Neb- Local Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Sunday a new effort to recall E-Cigarettes. By Kristyna Engdahl | December 19th, 2016 Schumer calls the devices “ticking time bombs”, after reports of explosions injuring users. But one man, who had an e-cig battery blow up in his face in October, 2015, said he disagrees with the idea. “Vapes are something I stay away from,” Mike Rose, a local college student, said, “but I don’t have a negative view on them.” The force of the explosion knocked out Rose’sRead More
More and more people are turning to e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. By Bruce Brown | December 14th, 2016 While inhaling anything into your lungs is never 100% safe, e-cigarettes are vastly more healthy for you if you do smoke, and may be a way to ween yourself off of traditional cigarettes if you want to quit smoking altogether. Using an e-cigarette — vaping, as it is widely known — has increased in popularity over the past decade due to its potential of helping people quit smoking, orRead More
Doctors disagree on the best way to answer patients’ questions about electronic cigarettes, a new study finds. By Robert Preidt | August 26th, 2016 They also want more investigation of the devices — specifically, about the safety of e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes, according to the Stanford University researchers. While traditional cigarettes deliver nicotine when the smoker inhales burning tobacco, e-cigarettes heat liquid nicotine until it vaporizes. Researchers analyzed more than 500 online discussions between doctors and patients about e-cigarettes. About 34 percent of patient questions were about the sideRead More
VICTORVILLE ( — A young woman escaped severe burns or may be death after leaving in her car a vape device that caught fire during triple-digit temperatures. CBS Los Angeles | June 27th, 2016 The accident happened Sunday and turned Danielle Poole’s car door into oozing melted plastic. She was visiting a friend in Victorville and parked her car in the shade. But temperatures were soaring above 100 degrees. Fifteen minutes later, her car alarm went off. “I had no idea. I was like: ‘why is my car on fire.’ I saw the vape onRead More
In 2015, a man was hospitalized with critical injuries after his e-cigarette exploded in his face. By Stephanie Lee – June 15th, 2016 Another victim suffered severe burns on his hands, a hole in his tongue, and knocked out teeth. Here’s why and how e-cigarettes can literally blow up on you, and what you can do to minimize your risk. Admittedly, to say that e-cigarettes “explode” sounds over the top, but this video shows that something is clearly catching on fire. This concern over fire and consumer safety prompted the U.S.Read More
E-Cigarettes will be forced to become weaker as a result of new EU rules. By Henry Bodkin – April 28th, 2016 A Government impact assessment has warned that the restrictions set down in the Tobacco Products Directive could drive users back to smoking, as well as hiking the price of e-cigarettes and creating a black market of products that fall outside the new regulations. The Department of Health fears are revealed the day after the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) issued a report strongly promoting the use of e-cigarettes asRead More
DECATUR – E-cigarette users won’t be able to partake inside Decatur Park District facilities, the park board decided Wednesday. By Allison Petty – April 22nd, 2016 The ban on e-cigarettes, also called e-cigs or vapes, applies to areas that already did not allow cigarette smoking, such as the golf clubhouses, Fairview Pool, Overlook Adventure Miniature Golf and Decatur Indoor Sports Center. Those facilities have designated outdoor smoking areas, and the e-cigs could be used there, Executive Director Bill Clevenger said. “We’ve really just continued what has been in existence forRead More

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E-Cigarette Use Is On The Rise

But do we yet know how safe they really are? By – March 29th, 2016 In the beginning of 2016, it was announced that the NHS had plans to offer e-cigarettes on prescription, for those looking to quit smoking permanently. The announcement caused some controversy amongst medical practitioners and governing bodies, with the for and against arguments coming to the fore front. With such little scientific evidence and research around the long term health effects of using e-cigs, some were unhappy with the NHS for publicly backing their use.Read More