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The thick vapor clouds that wafted over the steps of the State House one day last week were just a signal of the latest battle over anti-smoking legislation that smoldered inside. By John C. Ensslin – May 22nd, 2016 The clouds were generated by a group of several dozen vaping enthusiasts who were making the claim that their habit had enabled them to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes while still getting a nicotine hit. Inside the hearing room, however, members of the Senate health committee — at the urging of publicRead More
TRENTON — New Jersey is one step closer to banning the sale of most flavored electronic cigarettes. By Brent Johnson – May 17th, 2016 The state Senate’s health committee on Monday voted to approve a bill that would bar anyone from selling the increasingly popular vapor products in flavors other than clove, menthol and tobacco. The vote came despite more than an hour of passionate opposition from business owners and customers of the increasingly popular “vaping” industry, which has seen stores pop up in countless strip malls across New Jersey. “Vaping” is the process of pullingRead More
Some in Illinois are hoping a recent proposal will prevent young people from picking up the smoking habit, while others believe the legislation is an over-reach. By Loreto Cruz – March 22nd, 2016 Legislation that would increase the smoking age from 18 to 21 is officially moving through the Illinois Senate as of Friday, March 18. The update comes less than a week after Chicago changed the age within city limits, falling in line with California, where lawmakers passed similar legislation earlier this month. “As you are older you can make a better judgment,” MarionRead More