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When non-profit developer Options for Homes launches its latest development The Humber this summer- By PR Newswire | May 28th, 2018 it will bring something new to the market: a “Smoke Less” condo building that will restrict the consumption of tobacco and cannabis to vaporizers. The move is part of Options’ commitment to creating a predominantly family friendly condo, which is reflected in the condo’s suite mix, two-thirds of which are 2- and 3-bedroom suites suitable for families. The Humber’s comprehensive and thoughtful “Smoke Less” takes into account both theRead More
The e-cigarette regulations that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unveiled last week pose a grave threat to products that have the potential to dramatically reduce smoking-related disease and death. By Jacob Sullum – May 12th, 2016 The most obvious problem for the e-cigarette industry is that manufacturers of vaping equipment and e-liquids must persuade the FDA that allowing their products to remain on the market is “appropriate for the protection of public health”—a challenge that will be prohibitively expensive for all but the biggest companies and may prove impossibleRead More