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Posted On April 10, 2018By Frank ArditoIn Headline News, Health

Toxins Produced By E-Cigarettes Vary By Flavor

The flavor of an e-cigarette may affect more than a consumer’s taste buds, according to Penn State researchers By Katie Bohn | April 9th, 2018 who say the chemicals that make up different flavors also produce different levels of free radicals, toxins often associated with cancer and other diseases. The researchers analyzed popular e-cigarette flavors and the number of free radicals they produced and found that many of the chemicals used to flavor e-cigarettes increased the production of free radicals, while a few actually lowered it. John Richie, professor ofRead More
For many years now there has been a huge amount of attention being given to the dangers of secondhand smoke. By Sara Williams | December 6th, 2016 In an effort to protect nonsmokers from those dangers, HUD has ruled that smoking will no longer be allowed in any of the buildings subsidized by them. However, it is unclear as to exactly what this means for those who use electronic cigarettes or vaping devices because the wording is, at best, unclear, and at worst, contradictory. Latest Ruling from the U.S. DepartmentRead More
Sometimes you can’t begrudge the American people for tuning out the policy debates in our nation’s capital. By Ron Marshall | November 20th, 2016 The real day-to-day concerns facing main street America and our nation’s entrepreneurs often differ widely from what you hear on the campaign trail or on cable news. But make no mistake, our elected officials make decisions that profoundly affect our daily lives. One of those decisions could disseminate an entire industry if it’s not corrected. Vaping is an effective method for many people who want toRead More
Without a state law regulating electronic cigarettes, Lincolnshire recently joined the growing list of municipalities with ordinances that have put restrictions on the growing industry. By Ronnie Yachter – May 23rd, 2016 According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, “e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that turn liquid nicotine into an inhalable vapor. They lack the chemicals and tars of burning tobacco, but the cigarettes have not been extensively studied, and there’s no scientific consensus on the risks or advantages of ‘vaping.’ More than 15 percent of high school students report using e-cigarettes, upRead More
The Buffalo Grove village board has approved new regulations to restrict the use of e-cigarette and vaping devices, as well as the shops and lounges that sell them. By Steve Zalusky – March 22nd, 2016 Among the restrictions are a ban on the use of e-cigarettes and vaping equipment in public places, and a prohibition on the sale of them to minors. “There was just a program on very recently, where they mentioned all of the chemicals that are in e-cigarettes that they didn’t know about before,” Village President BeverlyRead More