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Don’t stop smoking now! Chicago Public Health continues its lies on E-Cigs By Kevin Crowley – December 24, 2015 The Chicago Department Of Public Health released a “campaign” called “Vaping.” I highly suggest Chicago reassess their effort quickly before they cost lives. Imagine my surprise when I saw this. Finally, a big city like Chicago is – wait a minute! No, they’re plastering Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #VapingTruth. This is very similar to the #Curbit campaign out of sunny California some time ago. I read down the lineRead More
The Mariposa Board of Supervisors recently adopted an ordinance for Smoking and Tobacco under Chapter 25, No. 1112. This updated ordinance replaces outdated regulations dating from 1950 and 1992. By Sierra Sun Times – December 22, 2015 The ordinance took effect November 26, 2015 and results in county laws regulating smoking and tobacco use that are current, consistent with state law, and relevant for today. Under the new ordinance, Mariposa County joins the approximately 62 local jurisdictions in California that prohibit Electronic Smoking Devices (ESD) in specific locations and theRead More
Smoking, vaping, tobacco to be prohibited on library property By Abby Spegman – December 21, 2015 Starting early next month, Crook County Library will prohibit all smoking, vaping and tobacco use on its property, joining other groups preparing for the change. Currently, smoking is not allowed inside the library or within 10 feet of doors, windows or intake vents. The new policy, which starts Jan. 7, will prohibit all smoking, vaping and tobacco use on library property, including the parking lot and Broughton Room patio. Library Director Camille Wood saidRead More
Mark Pawsey was treated to £1,600 of perks at the Rugby World Cup, and Japan Tobacco International picked up the tab By Mikey Smith – December 16, 2015 A Tory MP heaped praise on the e-cigarette industry at PMQs today – but didn’t mention he’d been treated to a lavish day out by a global vaping giant. Conservative Mark Pawsey enjoyed more than £1,600 worth of hospitality at a Rugby World Cup match in September, with Japan Tobacco International (JTI) picking up the tab. JTI is the sole owner ofRead More

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New Gallup poll shows that Americans quit smoking at a rate higher than ever before. The new report comes a month after CDC revealed an increase in the usage rate of e-cigarettes. By Renee Randazzo – December 13, 2015 According to the Gallup poll, the higher decline (12 percent compared to 10 years ago) has been observed in the young adults, aged 18 to 29. Among young adults, only 22 percent have been reporting to smoke tobacco cigarettes in 2015. If in the early 2000s, this was the population withRead More
A Harvard study claiming most e-cigarette brands expose users to harmful chemicals omits critical information and exaggerates the risks of flavored e-cigarettes, according to tobacco control experts. By Guy Bentley – December 09, 2015 The study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, analyzes a host of e-liquid flavors to discover levels of potentially dangerous chemicals diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin. The researchers found one or more of the three chemicals in 92 percent of the 51 unique flavors of e-liquid. Diacetyl is identified in 39 of 51 flavors – 75 percent of theRead More
An East Lancashire e-cigarette manufacturer will formally challenge an EU directive this week which it says breaches European Union law and would put its industry at an unfair trading disadvantage. By Aban Quaynor – September 28, 2015 Blackburn-based Totally Wicked is the only to win the right to challenge Article 20 of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which will bring e-cigarettes and e-liquid within its regulatory scope as a ‘tobacco-related product’ – despite not containing tobacco. It means e-cigarettes would be subject to more stringent regulation than some tobacco products. And the company,Read More
by GUY BENTLEY – PM 07/27/2015 While e-cigs eliminate a lot of the health risks associated with traditional tobacco, they are just as addictive as their tobacco packed cousins, according to a recent study. The study, released July 9 in the American Chemical Society’s journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, examines 17 commercially available electronic cigarettes and found nine of them contained the most addictive type of nicotine. Researchers looked at the impact of three different kinds nicotine used in electronic cigarettes. Najat Saliba, professor in analytical chemistry at the American University of Beirut, ledRead More