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Posted On June 14, 2016By Frank ArditoIn Headline News, Health

Lab Tests Show Harmful Chemicals In E-Juice

Dripper’s Paradise, on Milwaukee’s southwest side, carries dozens of brands of e-juice, including a locally made favorite called Foghorn. By Raquel Rutledge – June 14th, 2016 One of Foghorn’s top-selling recipes is Randy, a flavor described as a “blend of creamy custard, mixed berries and savory cereal notes.” People who vape praise the Foghorn juice not only for its flavor but for its ability to create giant cloud puffs from deep drags — a growing fascination known as “cloud chasing” among vaping enthusiasts. But the very molecules that make RandyRead More

Posted On June 10, 2016By Frank ArditoIn Headline News, The Buzz

Police Investigating Vape Store Break-Ins

Police are still investigating three vape stores that were broken into within a week- By Lancester Eagle-Gazette – June 9th, 2016 Lancaster Police detective Sgt. Steve Fealty said. The crimes are thought to be connected at this point, but no charges have been filed. An attempted breaking and entering was reported at Glass City Vapory, 358 Lincoln Ave., Suite D on May 28. Both the front and back doors were damaged, but no merchandise was reported missing, according to police reports. The Vape Shop at 615 W. Sixth Ave reportedRead More
Janet Fazen and her family run a vape shop in West Allis, Wisconsin- By Jim Stingl – June 9th, 2016 but a recent visit by police has left them feeling like dope dealers. Officers seized their entire inventory of CBD liquid, which is said to come from industrial hemp plants. “The original vape additive. Add to your favorite liquid or vape alone,” the package says. Customers who buy it have told Fazen that it gives some relief from pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and other maladies. There is a trace of THC,Read More
As I write this, my fingers smell like incense and hippie soap. By Wes Cipolla – June 7th, 2016 The stench on my clothes is courtesy of Smokie’s Tobacco in the Berkshire Mall. The sickeningly sweet store air is called “Lucky Charms Marshmallow with Glazed Donut.” This is one of the hundreds of electronic cigarette flavors available to customers. Unfortunately, it’ll soon be the closest thing to a free sample that vapers can get. On May 5, the Food and Drug Administration decided to make free samples of vaping flavorsRead More
New regulations by the FDA are sending local vape shop owners into panic mode. By – May 17th, 2016 The folks at Vapegeek in College Station talked to us about the changes they’re being forced to make to the popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. Christina Jones owns Vapegeek with her husband and says, “We were the first ones in Brazos County.” Their business has come a long way since they first started selling e-cigs out of their house five years ago. “I remember one day I had 15 peopleRead More
The e-cigarette industry is pushing back against new regulations the Food and Drug Administration announced last week. By WYFI.ORG – May 16th, 2016 For the first time ever, the FDA will regulate e-cigarettes, cigars and hookah the same way it does traditional tobacco products. That includes rules overseeing the manufacturing, labeling, marketing and sale of the products. The FDA says it’s an important step to maintaining public health, but the vaping industry says the rules will cripple their business. Vaping Industry Says Rules Nearly Impossible For Small Businesses When youRead More
YAKIMA, Wash.–A new bill recently signed by Governor Jay Inslee puts stricter regulations on the sales of e-cigarettes and vape products. By Ryan Yadao – April 20th, 2016 “We’re actually pretty excited about the legislation,” said Vape Spot Owner Carrie Bertrand. Bertrand has no problem with the passing of the state’s new e-cigarettes rules. Those new rules are part of Governor Inslee’s Healthiest Next Generation Initiative, which put a tighter hold on preventing minors from getting their hands on such products. For the Vape Spot, this backs the work theyRead More
In the absence of federal and state licensing requirements for electronic smoking retailers- By Spencer Kent – March 20th, 2016 the Highland Park Borough Council is taking action, seeking to impose a $1,200 annual licensing fee on all of its vape retailers. Last week, the borough council approved a proposed ordinance on first reading by a 5-0 vote with one abstention. If passed, the money collected from the ordinance would fund an enforcement program allowing local health officers to conduct “random, unannounced compliance check inspection,” according to the state DepartmentRead More
The thick, head-height haze filling Monadnock Vapor in Keene is deceptive. By Melanie Plenda – March 4th, 2016 Someone walking in the door could be forgiven for wincing, thinking thick cigarette smoke is permeating the air all around. But the tell-tale pungent odor of burnt tobacco is absent, replaced by something that smells a lot more like vanilla and fruity flavors. It’s comfortable, that smell, and goes nicely with the nattily appointed leather couches nestled in the corner and the uber-modern black bar at which several regulars are planted. “UsuallyRead More
A RAPIDLY expanding manufacturer of e-cigarettes has warned extra testing of products demanded by EU regulations could force some of the smaller players in the industry out of business. By – February 23rd, 2016 David Extance, managing director of E-Quits Limited, based in Romsey, said that EU rulings could demand that all “vaping” products, new and existing, undergo new safety tests under Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). E-Quits Limited have in their brand portfolio, Lonjas UK, Vaping Warehouse, Phil The Greek, Patti Bakers Pastry, The Olde SweetshopRead More