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Here we go again. It seems Anti-Vape affiliates are Still Blowing Smoke up the @s$es of America’s general public with recycled lies. By Tony Ottomanelli II | May 26th, 2017 Of course, many already are well aware of the FDA American’s rights to promoting harm reduction products to ensure the safety of one another now includes policymakers and regulators to require outlandish mandatory impossibilities, unless vape advocates mobilize and assist one another in surviving these threats and attacks (i.e. PMTA). The New York State has clearly reached “high priority” statusRead More
2015 Vape Shop Index reveals strong sales, uncertainty over regulations By Melissa Vonder Haar – December 16, 2015 WASHINGTON — A recently released vape shop study shows brick-and-mortar businesses are booming, generating $26,000 in monthly sales per store. The 2015 Vape Shop Index, released by ECigIntelligence, Roebling Research, E-Cigarette Forum and the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), looked at financial, product, and brand-level data, including trends, preferences and owner attitudes from 540 vape shops spanning 42 states. “This really is the first time that the industry will have detailed independentRead More